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Phelps Fails To Throw Club To Haney’s Standards

Michael Phelps may be an 18-time gold medal winner but your average amateur golfer can rest assured they’re better at losing it on a golf course than him.

Phelps is featured on this season of The Haney Project and his travels took him to St. Andrews for a round last September. So when the frustrations of the game inevitably caught up with Hank Haney’s newest project during Monday’s episode, Phelps took his pique out on his driver by lobbing it when he topped a one at the14th.

That in itself is unremarkable but it was the form of the throw that has made this gif go viral.

Everyone knows that when throwing a club in anger you use a wide under arm sweep to produce a helicopter motion with the driver for maximum distance and effect. But golf rookie Phelps went for the much less satisfying over arm throw that coach Haney described perfectly as, "that wasn't even a good attempt at being mad."

Hopefully as his golfing education Phelps will get better at loosing his head. Next up, how to snap your 3 wood over your knee.