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PING i25 irons continue to gain popularity with golfers

The ease in which players have been transitioning from their PING i20 irons to the new PING i25 irons proves that when something is done right, its popularity can be staggering.

Tour players have been impressed by the i25’s design; a progressively designed line that alters blade length, sole size and even the width of the cavity’s stabiliser bars through the set. This new design has been credited for making the leap from PING’s i20 to the new and improved i25 a smooth, easy transition.

Staff players who have switched recently include Kirk Triplett and Azahara Munoz. Triplett won with the PING i25 irons a few weeks ago on the Champions Tour, while Munoz finished runner-up in Singapore on the LPGA Tour.

The width of the cavity’s stabiliser and blade length have of course been well documented as brilliant new features, however to overlook other updates which PING has installed would be disastrous. For example, the inclusion of a shift in the center of gravity on the long irons (slightly back) and short irons (slightly forward) has opened the door for golfers to optimise their performance in a wealth of new ways, leading to better play on the greens.

The PING i25 also has a 10-gram tungsten weight low in the toe and a softened sole relief to make the golf club forgiving enough for mid-handicap players.

Join the growing number of golfers who have already made the leap into PING Golf for the 2014 season and purchase the new PING i25 irons online today from american golf.