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R&A allowing range finders into amateur events for 2014

An announcement has been made today which will allow golfers competing in amateur events to utilise range finders to get the exact yardage for their shots.

The Royal and Ancient, which governs the rules of golf outside the United States and Mexico, made the decision that distance measuring devices such as laser-guided range finders would be legal for play in their amateur events in 2014.

The R&A has made it very clear the rule would not be applied to The Open Championship or any qualifying events for The Open. However, not every golfer is happy with the rules change, including former world No.1 Luke Donald who feels range finders shouldn’t have a place in competitive play.

Donald tweeted on Monday: "Lasers are (great for) rounds (with your friends) & 4 caddies 2 check yardages in practice rounds but I don't think they should be used in competitions."

The R&A has also noted that while they have made the decision for tournaments to allow range finders which they host and organise, it will still be up to local golf clubs if they wish to follow this ruling.

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