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Stewart Golf X9 Follow Electric Trolley is latest dream machine on the market

The latest dream machine from Stewart Golf looks set to eclipse all that has come before when it lands at american golf this August – both technically and intelligently.

The Stewart Golf X9 Follow at a Glance

The new Stewart Golf X9 Follow Electric Trolley incorporates the very latest in technology to allow players a better platform from which to send and receive signals from their trolley to their handset. Working with the brand new Bluetooth technology, the X9 Follow comes with the handset already ‘paired’ together so all one needs to do is switch both of them on and its ready to go. The connection will last for the duration of the round, so signals are sent instantly and reliably. This also means that the X9 Follow can, that’s right, follow a player around the golf course, letting them take a leisurely stroll around the greens.

Under the Hood

Tech-heads will love the X9 Follow largely due to how much smart design has gone into making it work so efficiently. When the handset is inside the neutral zone, the X9 Follow will remain stationary. As the handset enters the active zone, the X9 Follow’s electronics system will automatically – and independently – alter the speed of each rear monitor to keep its pace. .When the golfer (and therefore the handset) come to a stop, the X9 Follow will continue until the handset is back inside the neutral zone when it will also stop. The effect is that of digital elastic band, which stretches and contracts as a player walks.

Complete Remote Functionality

This superb Stewart Golf X9 Follow Electric Trolley also provides complete remote control functionality. This is ideal for when players go slightly off course, such as going into rough, bunkers or when reaching the green and wanting to send the X9 Follow to the next tee. With a radius of up to 50m it is possible to send the trolley up and down, steer it left or right and stop using it with the glide stop or emergency stop buttons. Or if preferring to have the trolley in front, there’s the option of another setting called 'cruise control' to set speeds to every golfers walking pace.

Downhill Braking & Stabiliser

As well as a wide rear wheelbase and twin front wheels, the chassis also contains an integrated stabiliser. If the trolley was to tip backwards when travelling uphill, it will 'bounce' on the stabiliser until it makes it back onto all 4 wheels. It will also automatically apply a braking force if a player slows their pace when going down a hill.

V3 Wheel Set

The V3 Wheel Set has been created with the Stewart X9 Follow firmly in mind. The lateral tread pattern generates outstanding levels of grip which allows the X9 Follow’s electronic system to make very fine steering adjustments. The V3 rear wheels have a flatter profile which increases stability dramatically. Additionally as a set of 4 wheels, weight has been reduced by 30% resulting in increased efficiency and therefore much longer battery life. Which brings things nicely to the next point…

Rechargeable Lithium Handset

The new rechargeable handset has been created with the same compact handset case, but integrates a large lithium battery this time around. This can be charged via a new port on the right hand side. Even though it is recommended to charge the handset after every round of golf, the lithium battery means golfers won't have to replace the battery for a long time and enjoy longer stints on the golf course.

The Stewart Golf X9 Follow Electric Trolley is now available for PRE-ORDER and will be available in-store and online from August 4.

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