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Take the TaylorMade R15 Build a Club Challenge today

TaylorMade Golf is sending out a challenge to all who use their R15 Driver. Are you prepared to accept and take on your friends and other golfers around the country?

Here is the R15 Challenge in a little more detail:

R15 Challenge

How fast can you build your R15 driver?

The TaylorMade Tour Professionals have all set their fastest time, can you beat them?

Rules of the challenge:

1. Tee up your golf ball

2. Take an R15 apart and leave it at one side of the tee box

3. Start at the other side of the tee box ( we aren’t reinforcing this too much as tee boxes vary so much depending on golf clubs etc)

4. Time how long it takes to run to the R15 driver, build it and hit your golf ball

Finally, share your fastest time using #R15Challenge

There may even be a leaderboard compiled each week for the players who submit the fastest times, so get onto this fun challenge if you want to hold bragging rights over your friends and foes!

View the TaylorMade video below to watch some of the pro’s attempt to achieve the fastest time.