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TaylorMade Golf SLDR is “The Perfect Driver”

The 2014 Golf Digest Hotlist has revealed that TaylorMade’s new SLDR Golf Driver is the perfect golf club to use on the course this year.

The TaylorMade Golf SLDR was the only driver to achieve a perfect 20-star score; receiving a perfect 5-star rating in EVERY category; a feat which has never been achieved before now.

The excellent golf driver soared through with flying colours, picking up positive reviews in all categories: performance, innovation, look/sound/feel and demand.

The TaylorMade SLDR Driver represents a complete reinvention of movable weight, making it more effective and easier to use. The weight shifts the centre of gravity horizontally towards either the toe, to promote a fade, or to the heel, to promote a draw. The SLDR weight slides on the track and never comes loose from the clubhead and can be placed in any of the 21 different positions. The sole is marked with the words "fade" and "draw" to make it clear where you need to position the weight to get the desired shot shape you desire. SLDR’s weighting system allows you to promote a side-to-side trajectory change of up to 30 yards.

The TaylorMade Golf SLDR Driver is the clear winner here with its wealth of technology, pure innovation and excellent performance, and should be priority for any golfers looking for that perfect golf club.

Enjoy the “Perfect Driver” now and get the TaylorMade Golf SLDR Driver from american golf.