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Presidents Cup: Tiger Woods A Fan

Tiger Woods has confessed he prefers the format of the Presidents Cup to the Ryder Cup.

Different to the Ryder Cup, the USA V Rest of the World tournament is played over four days – with every player competing on each new day.

The competition is being held at the Muirfield Village course in Ohio, USA, starting Thursday with six four-ball matches followed by six matches of foursomes on Friday.

Saturday sees the five fourballs matches in the morning and then five foursomes games in the afternoon. The tournament, like the Ryder Cup, concludes on the Sunday with 12 single matches being contested.

"You know you're guaranteed to play all four rounds, four days in a row, so I think the guys prepare a little bit differently,” Woods said.

"You're not going to sit out the first session, the second session, am I going to play on Saturday. So things are a little bit more set in stone than at the Ryder Cup.”