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Tiger Woods Reportedly Reaches $1.3 Billion in Career Earnings

It was in 2009 when Tiger Woods became the world’s first billion-dollar athlete, and despite a somewhat barren run of results on the golf course, coupled with plenty of personal issues away from it, his tremendous stream of income continues to impress.

Reports of the increased cash flow come from the upcoming February issue of Golf Digest, in which it is revealed that Woods has now reached a total of $1.3 billion in total earnings.

The figure takes into account money earned both from prize money and endorsements – the latter of which accounts for 88 percent of Tiger’s personal wealth.

Woods is a household name in golf, known to millions of people worldwide. In 2013 he raked in $71 million away from the greens, while on it he received $12 million, with endorsements alone making Phil Mickelson’s contributions, which earned a healthy $52 million, pale in comparison.

Woods is now 38, still in relatively good health, with plenty of golf left in him. Should he stick around for another few years, his personal wealth could grow to even more staggering levels.