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Tiger Woods travels to India for lucrative exhibition match in Delhi

Tiger Woods has travelled to India in order to play a lucrative exhibition match in Delhi. By playing in India it is believed the World No.1 will stand to make a seven-figure sum pay packet.

Woods has a strong friendship with Shiv Kapur, one of India’s most famous golfers, and he will play the match today (Tuesday) at Delhi Golf and Country Club.

Woods will also open a set of apartments which are named after him, which should make for plenty of publicity.

When asked what he expected of the trip, Tiger is quoted on as saying: "I don't know. I have never been. This will be my first time so it will be fun. Then I will head back home to see my kids."

The trip will be a good way for Tiger to get his head clear following a poor showing last week at the Dubai Desert Classic, in which he finished T41; his worst ever finish in an event. However, the tournament’s promoter maintains the allure of Tiger Woods is still strong.

"I don't think it ever wears off," explained Adrian Flaherty. "The guy brings everything, the whole ball game, to the tournament.

"I don't think the novelty ever wears off here. I think he is by far the biggest and one of the greatest athletes that's ever been in this country. Everyone is always pleased to see him."

And Kapur, a past winner on the Asian Tour, was similarly quick to praise Woods: "Tiger's visit to India is going to make a huge impact and there is a big buzz already not only in Delhi but the whole country,” he said. "I know the members at my club are very excited and there are going to be people climbing all over the walls just to get a glimpse of Tiger.

"But the interest he will generate even in his short visit is not just from a golf perspective but basically he is one of the biggest celebrities in the world and with him coming to India for a first time is going to generate a huge amount of interest in golf.

"As everyone knows cricket dominates sport in India, so for at least one day the world's top golfer is going to steal all the attention away from the Sachin Tendulkas and Virender Sehwags, and it's all going to be about golf and Tiger Woods.

"So I really don't see any downside in his visit, and I can only see an upside with more attention to golf with Woods coming to India it can only increase the fan base.

"All the members and juniors at Delhi Golf Club will be watching with enormous interest, and while it will not be open to the media it's all about promoting the game, Delhi Golf Club and golf.

“Tiger's already had such a big impact on golf in India because seven or eight years ago we never saw young kids in India taking up golf and now in India those playing the game are getting younger and younger and that's predominantly due to Tiger.”

Woods was then introduced to recently-retired Indian cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar and his family as he arrived at his hotel in New Delhi.

And Woods couldn’t help but let the world know of his meeting by Tweeting: “Just met cricket legend and his family. Sachin Tendulkar @sachin_rt was so cool and loved being welcomed to India.”