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The reason so many golfers wear Trion:Z bracelets to improve their game

Trion:Z was founded in 1997 with the sole aim of using patented magnetic therapy technology to help athletes enhance their performance and well-being.

But what are Trion:Z bracelets, and how do they benefit the wearer?

Trion:Z are unique magnetic and negative ion wristbands that use patented ANSPO magnetic therapy technology; making them the only sports health wristband on the market today to have medical approval and a Class 1 CE mark from Japan.

Trion:Z products are Class 1 Medical Devices that only use a number of high-strength, 1000 Gauss, Colantotte magnets. Aligned in a unique, alternating north-south polarity orientation (ANSPO), the magnets combine to create a fluctuating magnetic flow. This innovative technology works by boosting the body’s natural negative ion count, increasing blood flow and therefore raising the number of anti-inflammatory white blood cells in problem areas.

These stylish (and very comfortable) wristbands offer a choice of two or three magnets packed with high levels of negative ions. They produce the strongest and most effective products of their type. There’s nothing quite like these bracelets available right now.

And there’s a Trion:Z for everybody! Well, there must be, seeing as they are worn by hundreds of thousands of athletes all over the world.

So, how do Trion:Z work? The unique magnetic/negative ions placed in the band, coupled with its aforementioned ANSPO technology, ensures a continual magnetic flow which makes players feel more energised during their game.

They deliver up to 100 times higher level of negative ions than similar bracelets, and are ultra-strong and effective.

Golfers will find Trion:Z incredibly useful during a round as they compliment a players’ diet and coaching system. They are also great to use alongside training aids, as they give you that extra boost needed to complete a circuit on the training ground.

Golf is as much about mental stability as it is about playing the game. Trion:Z helps players work towards achieving those marginal gains by reducing stiffness in the joints and aiding recovery after exercise or injury.

However, these products aren’t just for people with pre-existing pain, soreness or stiffness. They are widely used to support every-day wellness and performance, not just by elite athletes and weekend warriors, but by people that walk a lot and want to stay fit or simply enjoy a round of golf.

So, whether you are trying to heal old sporting wounds, wanting to improve stamina or simply hoping to enjoy a greater feeling of well-being, Trion:Z bracelets are your ideal partner for the golf course and beyond.

Trion:Z bracelets are available now to buy at American Golf.

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