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Williams would consider caddying Tiger again

Two weeks ago New Zealand caddy Steve Williams parted company with former world No.1 and PING golfer Adam Scott, admitting he wanted to dial down his workload after working with the Australian for three-and-half years. However, Williams may consider putting his retirement on hold after expressing interest in possibly working alongside Tiger Woods again, if the man himself was to ask for his services.

Williams fell short of placing himself in the shop window for potential jobs offers, although he did say that he’d work with a golfer capable of winning a major championship – something which he could still realistically achieve.

The two worked together for 11 years, but Williams has barely spoken to Woods. On occasion they have been placed in the same group and would exchange pleasantries and converse, but with the Nike golfer seemingly on the injured list more often than he is on the greens, coupled with the way the Tour worked, neither man has seen much of the other.

It was widely suggested bad blood existed between the two former friends, though Williams was adamant that if Woods wanted a part-time caddie next year, he would consider it.

"If he asked me, it's definitely something I would consider. He's a tremendous talent, but it's hard to say right now because it's only two weeks since I've hung up the clubs.

"He's definitely someone I'd consider."

The lure of the game has certainly tugged at Williams, and he’s had no shortage of offers for his services, with offers rolling in on a regular basis. His wife Kirsty and 9-year-old son Jett are the main reason behind his thinking.

"It wasn't a tough decision," Williams said.

"At the end of the day, I've known in the back of my head that retirement or taking a break from caddying was on the horizon. I've done it for 36 years.

"I just came to the decision that it's time to take a break. I'm 90 per cent certain it's going to be a permanent break from caddying. It allows me to spend summer here in New Zealand and spend more time with my family."

Williams will not be enjoying a totally quiet retirement with the amount of jobs landing at his door.

''I've already had a couple of offers to caddy, but I'm not sure that's what I want to do. I've had interest from TV, to be a television commentator, and interest from a golf course development to help with the design, so there's going to be opportunities."