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Wilson Staff launches D200 golf club range

Some things come to us effortlessly, while others need time to mature and grow into what we want them to be. Wilson Staff has blended The Right Light™ technology it introduced successfully last year with ground-breaking club head innovations to create a SuperLight™ range of advanced distance clubs for the 2015 season. Wilson has worked long and hard in getting this golf club family to this level, while for us the performance right from the first swing comes effortlessly.

The new Wilson Staff D200 family of clubs incorporates a brand new driver, fairway woods, hybrids and irons each with an original Speed Sole concept. And the real exciting part about them: they’re even lighter than the hugely popular D-100 range, and yet offer players a powerful, balanced and solid feel. Thanks to precise positioning of weight in each club, players are treated to the soundest experience ever devised by Wilson.

Michael Vrska, Global Director of Innovation at Wilson Golf, said of the new range: “Product testing has shown that golfers of all standards can benefit from lighter clubs, as they are easier to swing faster with the same effort to achieve.

“But, it’s not just about being lightweight, because the challenge is optimising the limited mass available for distribution within the head, shaft and grip to achieve the best performance for each club.”

D200 Driver

The SuperLight Driver™ D200 Driver is one of the lightest and fastest adjustable drivers on the market right now, weighing in at just 268 grams – comprising of a 189g head, a 44g UST Elements Chrome shaft and a 25g Golf Pride Tour 25 grip – and enables golfers to effortlessly generate extra club head speed for greater distance off the tee.

A key feature of the new driver which should be lit upon is a 6-way adjustable hosel with three different loft settings and three draw settings in comparable loft to customise the launch angle and a left-to-right golf ball flight (available in 9°, 10.5°* & 13° lofts).

New Reactive Face Technology expands the size of the face to provide golfers with more forgiveness on heel and toe impacts, while enhancing Moment of Inertia (MOI). There’s also a reduction in the thickness around the lower half of the face to extend golf ball velocity on any mishit shots.

D200 Fairway Woods

The new D200 Fairway Woods have a distinctive rounded sole design that provides versatility in all playing conditions. Maximum distance right off the tee, fairway or rough is achievable thanks to the addition of a premium quality Carpenter Custom 455 maraging stainless steel face insert. This helps create a thin, hot Characteristic Time (CT) face for higher golf ball speeds and longer distances, while the overall increase in size of face, especially in the heel and toe areas, promotes excellent forgiveness and improves golf ball speeds on off-centre hits.

D200 Hybrids

Like the fairway woods, D200 Hybrids feature the Carpenter Custom 455 maraging steel face insert. The larger volume on stronger-lofted heads provides forgiveness on longer shots, while more face curvature translates to flatter faces on weaker-lofted heads for optimal gear effect and accuracy.

D200 Irons

Finally, but by no means least of all, we come to the D200 Irons. Featuring an exclusive Speed Sole Technology™ innovation, a thin face-to-sole transition on the new irons creates a driver-like 234 CT and an average golf ball speed increase of more than 2 mph compared with the D100 models.

“The result is Wilson Staff’s biggest advancement in distance-related technology yet,” explains Vrska.

The irons redistribute weight saved from the face and sole to the heel and toe pods for a larger sweet spot and increased MOI (up to as much as 5% on the D100 irons).

Doug Wright, Business Director of Wilson Golf in EMEA, said: “The new D200 clubs embody The Right Light™ technology with loft settings and weights distributed to optimise their trajectory and length from tee to green.

“They form a key part of the Wilson Staff Feel, Control & Distance (F-C-D) family of irons that matches club benefits with individual playing styles for the most consistent scoring associated with the brand.”

If you love Wilson or enjoyed the brands D100 series then the D200 golf club range is the ideal 2015 equipment family for you. And even if you’ve never tried a Wilson club before, the D200 is a great starter set to really give a taste of what this popular brand has to offer.

The Wilson Staff D200 family will be hitting american golf shelves and online soon, so keep checking back for updates and to pre-order.

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