How many times have you stepped off the 18th green, wishing you had sunk a few more putts? At American Golf, we definitely know how frustrating it can be to leave those shots on the course and because of this, we are passionate about finding the right putter for you. There are many ways that we can help find your perfect putter, and the main areas that may help you hole more putts are discussed in the sections below. In the same way that we can fit you for Irons or Woods, we will take you through the whole process and ensure you step off the 18th having putted better than ever before.

Putter head/shaft style

Choosing the style of the putter head, along with the way the shaft connects to it, is very personal and needs to suit your putting style. The correct set up will not only help you deliver the putter face back to the ball squarely, it will also give you confidence as you address the putt. Below are just some options to consider:

  • The larger the head the easier it is to align? Whilst some will benefit from extended alignment aids, others will feel more comfortable with a more traditional design. The natural path of your putting stoke should also play a part in your decision.
  • How often do you find the middle of the putter face? If this is less often than you would like then a larger putter head may help prevent these slightly miss-struck putts from deflecting the putter face. This will help the ball travel on the target line and also avoid a loss of energy which could otherwise cause the putt to come up short.
  • How the shaft enters the head differs nearly as much as the head shape itself. Like head shape, the path of your putting stroke will often suit a particular type of shaft/head connection. Let us give you the advice that could help you find the perfect match.

Putter length

If you have been fitted for any of your other clubs, length will have been one of the key factors in getting you set up correctly. The same goes for putters. With no golfer the same as the next, we should all be using a putter that is the fitted to the correct length. The length of your putter can help with the following:

  • If your putter is the correct length, you will be much more likely to set up over the ball correctly and consistently. Ideally, if there was a small mirror under the ball, when you stand comfortably up to the putt you would be able to see your own eyes. A correctly fitted putter will allow this to happen every time.
  • The path of your natural putting stroke will be dramatically affected by the length of your putter. Ensure you have a putter that fits the way that you stroke your putts to maximise your consistency.
  • If you have a putter that is fitted to you game, you will never have to guess how far down the grip you should go. This will give you the consistency that we all crave on the greens. Book a custom fit or come into store now to be measured up and sink more of those putts, more often.

Putter weight/weighting

Even for golfers lucky enough to have a caddy to bear the burden, there is a lot more to club weight than how heavy they are to carry. The various ways that club weight can be measured can tell you a lot about whether a putter will suit you. Below are some pointers on how the weights of putters could improve your game:

  • Dead Weight is the overall weight of the putter; basically how heavy it would be on a set of scales. This value should be considered in the same way that other clubs in the bag are selected. For example, junior clubs are lighter whilst strong swinging golfers tend to favour heavier equipment.
  • Swing Weight is the measurement of where the mass of the putter is distributed. Does a putter feel light or heavy in the head and how does one or the other suit you? Swing weight should be considered when looking for a putter that ‘feels’ just right.
  • Some putters can now be found with additional weighting placed in the grip. This has the effect of making the head feel relatively lighter and will suit golfers looking for a feather like touch on the greens.

Putter grips

Whilst putter grips have got increasingly more elaborate in design, the colour is only one consideration when selecting how you attach yourself to the club. Grips can change the way a club feels and can also have a big impact on how well it performs for you. Have a think about the below when choosing a new putter or re-gripping what you currently have in play:

  • Thinner grips tend to be lighter, whilst thicker grips can be heavier. This can have the effect of changing the swing weight and therefore the feel of a putter. Take your time to consider what ‘feel’ you want from a putter before switching your grip.
  • Just as with your other clubs, the thickness of your putter grip will determine how tightly you hold the putter which in turn can affect your stroke and how you release the head through impact. Do you tend to miss more on one side of the hole? Come into store and let us show you how a different grip size could be help improve this.