HR Director, Diane Greenland

I joined American Golf in 2005 as HR Director working at our Retail Support Centre. I entered an environment where I was surrounded by experts and enthusiasts of the game – needless to say, as far as golf was concerned, I felt overwhelmed!

My first real experience of golf came when I got to spend some time in retail, it was there that I was able to witness the passion for golf our guys share with our customers on a regular basis. During this time my curiosity was piqued and I began to feel like I was missing out. This feeling was reaffirmed when I attended our annual conference at a lovely golf venue where I lacked the confidence to participate.

I decided I wanted to find out whether golf was a sport for me. I took some lessons and was immediately hooked. Since then I have joined a club, gained a handicap and now play regularly in mixed competitions.

Before I started working at American Golf, golf hadn’t really been something that I was interested in. I was under the impression that golf wasn’t physically challenging enough for me, I couldn’t see how walking and hitting balls was really going to build up a sweat! My love of physical challenges comes from being a member of a gym since I was 16 and trying every class going. I still get a great satisfaction from completing a gym session after work.

So as far as the physically challenging part goes, I was really surprised, it really is a full body work out. Don’t get me wrong, you won’t be out of breath but you will definitely feel like you have worked all the muscles in your body the day after you’ve played.

Now that I regularly play golf and understand the game I feel I have gained credibility within the business and now have the same passion for the game that was demonstrated to me when I joined.

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