Blast Golf Complete Swing & Stroke Analyzer

Blast Golf Complete Swing & Stroke Analyzer

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Blast golf technologies were developed for players of all abilities, giving you the same information that the best players in the world use to improve their golf game. This affordable system uses a wireless sensor that can be attached to the butt end of the grip on your golf club, capturing 11 putting and 5 full swing metrics and giving you the information you need to improve.

The Blast Golf Analyzer Features:

  • Blast Golf Sensor
  • Standard & Oversize Rubber Attachments
  • Wireless Charging Platform
  • Blast Golf Mobile App (iOS)

Blast Sensor Captures

The sensor can provide accurate Putting Metric readings of your Backstroke Time, Forward Stroke Time, Total Stroke Time, Tempo, Backstroke Rotation, Forward Stroke. Rotation, Rotation Change, Backstroke Length, Impact Stroke, Speed, Lie Change, and Loft Change. Plus Full Swing Metrics of Backswing Time, Downswing Time, Tempo, Total Swing Time, and clubhead speed.

Blast Golf Mobile App (iOS)

Download the free Blast Golf 4.10 for iOS and gain insight to instant feedback from any type of shot through from the tee to green.

Video Capture & Game Modes

It can record and automatically clips slow-motion videos of each of your golf swing movements, with selected metrics overlaid. View, analyze, and send to your instructor or share socially, with your friends and followers.

Training Centre

With the app, you can gain access to tips and drills from leading Tour and PGA professionals to understand and use the app. Golf App automatically connects via Bluetooth to give you a truly “Plug and Play” experience.
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