Welling Ultimate Putt Matt 3 Metres

Welling Ultimate Putt Matt 3 Metres

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Welling Ultimate Putt Matt 3 Metres
Make putting the best part of your game with the fantastic Welling Ultimate Putt Matt. Welling Putt mats are designed to train and develop putting skills, and allow you, not just to putt but to learn to putt well. Sold with a training book and 3 course score card booklets of varying difficulty, all aspects of a putting stroke can be developed including alignment, touch, length and speed.

The putt matt also features:

  • 10 different "feel" zones.
  • Score card booklets
  • Training book with 54 exercises
  • Size: 3m x 0.64m

Training book games include

 2 play directions permitting back and forth movements and offering multiple exercises each with a different feel.

1 graphical representation of the hole to learn how to finish in the good putt zone ("Welling-Putt zone").

1 "zebra" zone to learn how to avoid falling too short.

10 different "feel" zones.

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