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Mizuno Golf MP-18 MMC Steel Irons

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Mizuno Golf MP-18 MMC Steel Irons

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Refined by master craftsmen in Japan, the master mould of the MP-18's is head checked and adapted to the satisfaction of the most experienced clubmakers. Grain Flow Forged in Hiroshima Japan designed to mix and match within a custom set.

Mizuno Golf MP-18 Steel Irons features:

  • Forged from 1025E pure select mild carbon steel
  • High density grain through the striking area
  • More Feedback through the club face
  • Hand designed by Mizuno craftsmen
The Yoro master craftsmen have been on a three-year project to create and incredibly stable, forgiving multi metal construction iron. The club consists of the weightier tungsten and lighter titanium components combined into the 1025E carbon steel clubhead. It retains a similar size and profile as the MP-18 SC
"The MP-18 MMC is the first multi material MP iron built in the vision of our master clubmakers which set standards for looks and aesthetics that this kind of multi-metal construction typically prohibits. It extended our normal two year development cycle by a full year- but raising the bar that little bit higher delivered a landmark iron." - Chris Voshall, Senior Engineer

Grain Flow Forging

Grain Flow Forging allows for an incredibly specific and precise iron head to be developed using multiple forging steps, just from one single billet of steel. This method best uses the metal's natural grain to maximise the heads consistency, durability and integrity. Mizuno is happy to be the only company to achieve this, and work to pass this performance onto the golfer.

1025E pure select mild carbon

The steel behind Mizuno's Softest ever irons! Used in the single piece irons for higher level players searching for the ultimate in feedback and precision. Used for its balance of strength, blend-ability and feel 1025 steel is incomparable to any other metal. The evolution to 1025E minimises unneeded elements that appear during the forging process- Sulphur and Phosphorous
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