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The new American Golf Community is here!

The American Golf Community is a place for American Golf Club members to connect with like-minded golfers and discuss absolutely everything golf-related. Get hints and tips from other golfers to improve aspects of your game and get help directly from American Golf’s PGA Pros.

About the Community

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Share Your Golfing Experiences

Found an incredible course or played a once in a lifetime shot? Let people know about it!

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The Latest Equipment

With views and opinions from fellow golfers, you can learn about the best equipment for your game and see what others think about equipment you might want to try.

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Find Playing Partners Near You

If you're looking for someone to play a round with or would like to find a new pair to play a fourball, you can chat to other golfers in your area.

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Hints And Tips To Improve Your Game

Swap advice with other golfers to help you develop your game. Plus our PGA Pros are here to help too.

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New To Golf?

Get advice from experienced golfers and other beginners on the best place to start, how to improve and how you can get involved with the amazing golfing community.

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All About Golf

This is your community and you'll find like-minded golfers waiting to talk about any golfing topic under the sun. We look forward to seeing you there!

As a guest to American Golf, you can browse the Community to see what is going on. Take a look around

To contribute, you will need to be a member of the American Golf Club.

If you are an online account holder, simply click Login Now to login with your AG account.

If you do not have an online account, simply click Register to create an AG account.

Once you’re a member of the Club you can post questions about any aspect of golf or chat with other Community members about what you’ve been up to. Hit a 350 yard drive? Share your excitement! Want advice on the best courses in your area or whilst on holiday? Ask Community members who have played there.

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
American Golf Club members now receive a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. Simply return any items you are not 100% happy with and we will exchange them for you – no questions asked! We’re so committed to improving your game that we’ll do everything we can to find the right products for you.
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