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Golf Balls & Accessories

Check out our balls & accessories ranges to find all those little extras you might need on the golf course to really improve your experience on the greens. Consistency can be hard to achieve in any sport, but when it comes to golf there’s a pressure which comes with always getting the right shot. One mis-hit can mean a bad score and an early exit, so working as often as possible on getting a consistent game can really make a difference when playing the real thing, which is why we stock a huge range of training aids by SKLZ, Masters Golf, Izzo, GameGolf and Zepp, among others. We also have a great selection of golf towels, golf tees and golf ball markers from all the top brands.

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Whether you are loyal to a particular brand or looking for something new, American Golf has a great range of golf balls to give you the best possible results on the golf course. Premium golf balls, distance golf balls, refinished golf balls, we’ve got all types to suit all players at american golf. Some of our best sellers include Titleist, Srixon, Nike, Callaway and Wilson, while players can’t go wrong with Second Chance and Challenge Golf when using the ball for a quick practice session. Golf gloves are designed to provide players with a more secure and stable grip on their golf club, while also helping them to perform better in a variety of weathers. We only stock the absolute best golf gloves at american golf from the most trusted brands including Titleist, FootJoy, Nike, Bionic, PUMA, Callaway, Zero Friction, Wilson Staff, TaylorMade, GOLFINO, Under Armour and PING. If you’re a golfer who is looking for great value, don’t forget we offer a price match guarantee across all our golf balls and golf glove ranges.

Golf Balls UK

There are three major categories of golf ball available today. At the top end of the market, the premium golf balls are designed to maximise the control and feel that a golfer will get in and around the greens, with minimal loss of distance.

Golf Balls for Sale

At the budget end of the market, golf manufacturers have made distance golf balls that are suited to the mid to higher handicap golfer where distance is a priority over spin and control, and these golf balls perform superbly, giving yards of increased distance. In between we have golf balls that display distance and spin characteristics. They are not as long as pure distance golf balls and they don't spin as much as premium golf balls but they are somewhere in between, allowing golfers to benefit from both areas.

Buy Golf Balls

The top golf ball manufacturers are Titleist, Callaway, Srixon and TaylorMade golf balls. Great value golf balls can be found from these golf manufacturers, and also Wilson Staff and Second Chance.

Golf Ball Help

It's important to pick the right golf ball for your game, so if you're unsure about this subject, then please contact your golf expert at American Golf, and we'll be happy to talk you through your options.

Golf Gloves

Most golfers wear a golf glove on their left hand if they are a right handed golfer and on their right hand if they are left handed. This allows you to maintain a light grip on the golf club without losing traction. This light grip is essential to master the proper elements of the golf swing so wear the correct golf glove and don't grip too hard! At american golf, we have a wide range of golf gloves for sale, including left and right handed options, as well as pairs of golf gloves, and ladies golf gloves.

Golf Gloves UK

At the top end of the scale, there is the premium leather golf glove. Preferred by top golfers when the weather is good, this type of golf glove can provide maximum comfort and feel, allowing for amazing performance on the golf course. Top golf gloves include Callaway, FootJoy, Mizuno, Nike and Wilson Staff, and we stock a number of styles from each manufacturer. The next type of golf glove is a leather/synthetic combination one. This tries to put leather in the places that are important, i.e. where you grip the golf club and then have the rest made of synthetic material. This allows the manufacturer to reduce the price of the golf glove to you. Finally, all weather golf gloves are the best value and the best golf glove to wear in wetter weather. They provide the most grip, they can be used in all weathers and provide a great value year round option.

Golf Mittens

We also stock a number of winter golf gloves which are perfect for cold days on the golf course. Within this category, we have some winter golf gloves that go onto both hands and can be worn throughout your round, as well as winter golf mittens, which can be worn in between shots, and are ideal for pushing your golf trolley around the course. Should you need more information on a golf glove, we have many golf glove reviews on our site from our customers, so you can read how a specific golf glove performs on the course, and details on its quality and durability.

Golf Glove Help

If you need any help selecting a golf glove then please contact us at American Golf.


It's the only part that connects the golfer to their golf clubs so a good golf grip is essential. Don't let your golf grips become too worn and change them every year to maximise performance. There are many grips available from budget golf grips to the top end golf grips that are designed to maximise grip and feel. Golf Pride, SuperStroke and Odyssey all offer some of the best grips we stock. Changing your golf grips is quite easy; don't forget you will also need special grip tape to hold them in place. For help or expert advice just contact us at American Golf.


Every golfer needs golf tee’s and american golf have thousands! Tee your golf ball up consistently on the golf course with American golf’s great range of golf tees.


Golf towels are essential for keeping your golf clubs clean when you are out on the golf course. american golf’s great range of golf towels come in a wide range of colours and sizes, with golf towels to suit any style or budget.

Head Covers

american golf stock a huge range of high quality golf headcovers to ensure your favourite golf clubs stay protected, and our golf head covers include cartoon characters and football club designs so you can show your funny side or football allegiance on the golf course.

Ball Markers

Mark your golf balls’ place on the greens of the golf course with with american golf’s brilliant range of golf ball markers! American Golf also stock a number of pens for marking your golf balls, and ensuring you know which one is yours.

Cleaning Products

Keeping your equipment clean should be a priority for every golf enthusiast. Whether its cleaning up a golf ball between rounds, making sure your club head on your favourite driver isn’t covered in dirt before teeing off on that game-winning hole, or just making sure your golf equipment is at its sparkly best before being put away for another day, American Golf has everything you need.


At American Golf, we have a number of products that may be lacking in your locker. Whether it be a strength trainer for a stronger golf swing, or a minus-ion power necklace or bracelet, american golf have the golf health products to help your game.

Pitchmark Repairers

Keep the golf greens looking good and feeling great with a pitchmark repairer. Repairing pitchmarks only takes a minute and improves the quality of the golf green for your perfect putting performance. It’s a quick and simple job of levering turf back into the centre from every edge of the pitchmark. Give it a pat with your putter head to stretch the turf over the pitchmark and you’re good to go and experience the benefits of a well kept green.

Practice Bags & balls

These golf balls simulate the flight of a real golf ball but they are made of plastic and are safe for use in fairly confined spaces. Ideal for chipping and pitching, practice golf balls can be used in conjunction with a chipping net or similar target for great golf practice. Practice golf bags are a useful addition to your golfing accessories allowing you to transport your practice golf balls to and from the golf course.

Mats & Nets

The most common form of a golf mat is a golf putting mat. These are very useful for practising your putting stroke as it will improve your consistency of stroke. At the top end, putting mats can be very similar to golf greens and of a surprising quality. Another type of golf mat is one which is designed for you to chip off or hit fuller shots. If you want to practice in the garden without ruining your turf then this will do the job. Driving nets can be put up quickly in your garden or other useful outdoor space and in conjunction with a golf mat can provide a mini-driving range experience. Why travel to the golf range when within minutes you can have one right outside your back door. Chipping nets are a useful to give you a target to aim at and when you master the trajectory of chipping this can easily be applied to the golf course. Gary Player once said, "The more I practice, the luckier I get" so purchase a golf driving net or golf practice mat at American Golf and you too may get lucky!

Score Trackers

Make trying to write on your soggy golf scorecard a thing on the past with American Golf’s great range of golf score trackers. Bringing your golf scorecard into the modern age, these fantastic golf accessories easily track your score, so you can focus on your golf.

Ball Retrievers

Make lost golf balls a thing of the past with American Golf’s great range of golf ball retrievers. Golf ball retrievers are often extendable, bringing previously unreachable golf balls into reach so you can continue with your round.


When the rain falls on the golf course, ensure you stay dry and protected in between shots with American Golf’s great range of golf umbrellas. Golf umbrellas are huge, often measuring up to 68 inches, with double canopy designs for maximum protection.

Training Aids

Focusing on the mysterious golf swing, swing trainers can help you to repeat a fundamentally good swing by teaching your muscles how to move. There are top golf training aids endorsed by Ernie Els and Vijay Singh and also an aid designed by David Leadbetter. Swing trainers also focus on strengthening the hands and muscles used in the golf swing and loosening muscles in preparation for a game of golf. Putting is probably the most important part of the game and you may not be able to swing like Tiger but there's no fundamental reason why you can't putt like him. Unlike you though he spends a lot of time practising his putting so why not join him with the purchase of a putting mat or putting training device and watch your golf scores tumble. Practice is a serious business and we're serious about golf at American Golf, so for help and expert advice please contact us.