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Golf Balls

Knowing how the golf ball will react off the face of the driver, wedge and putter all comes from using the same golf ball every shot. A strong understanding of golf balls can and will help strengthen play and invigorate a waning, top-heavy scorecard.

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Golf Gloves

Golf gloves are designed to provide player’s with a more secure and stable grip on their golf club, while also helping them to perform better in a variety of weathers. The majority of golfers will wear one glove on their lead hand (the lead hand being the top hand of your grip). For right-handed golfers, a left-handed glove is required, and for left-handed players, a right-handed glove is necessary. The reason for this being that for most golfers the lead hand tends to be the weaker of the two.

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Golf Tees are considered standard golfing equipment necessary for a round on the greens. Many golfers choose not to look all that closely at what Tee they are using, opting for the tried and tested models, unaware that a wave of options has started to grow and evolve right under their noses. Here we look at what uses a Golf Tee offers and some of the variations available for use.

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Training Aids

Consistency. Whisper it quietly the next time you’re in the club house because it’s the one word to turn even the most placid golfer into a raving mess. It’s difficult to master, consistency, perhaps because people just lead too busy lives to practice enough. Golf companies have also noticed this, however, and now there is a wealth of training aids and practice nets which can be used in the comfort of your own home.

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There is no one grip that is suitable for all golfers. Grip selection varies with the needs of the individual requirements and personal preferences. Checking which grip is right for you will save a lot of problems down the line and asking in-store will allow you to get some expert advice and tips on which golf grip is best tailored to your needs.

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