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Fairway Woods Buying Guide

Find out everything there is to know about fairway woods. From the best designs and hottest brands, through to improving techniques and shot accuracy on the golf course, it’s all here in this useful buying advice guide.

What is a Fairway Wood?

For golfers wanting to learn more about the fairway woods in their bag, here’s a quick overview. The fairway wood is similar in loft to irons but players generally use it to hit the golf ball further thanks to it having a larger head and more power packed into the swing.

Fairway woods are used mainly on the on their namesake (the fairway), but some golfers have begun playing off the tee from tighter holes where it is important to be accurate rather than trying to maximise distance.

More information about fairway woods and their uses on the golf course can be found by visiting one of our American Golf stores where you can speak one-to-one with a PGA Pro who will be happy to help with any questions you may have about any aspect of the game.

High-Handicap Fairway Woods

Golfers playing with a high handicap will be in need of a fairway wood more than mid to low handicappers. Taking stock of all the components in their set and, more importantly, their fairways, will go a long way to improving results on the greens. Most golfers play with a 3-wood and 5-wood but 7-woods are also popular. A great deal of high handicap golfers find their trajectory off a fairway is much higher than that of a driver – meaning the golf ball will land softly.

Another thing to note for high handicappers is that the fairway wood is useful for second shots onto the green as well as for teeing off shots should the driver fail to get the job done.

Starting with at least one fairway wood in the bag is generally considered to be good practice. In regards to which model put in the bag, that is a choice solely in the hands of the player, though there are a good few options, including steel, titanium and graphite. Most golfers would recommend graphite when playing as a high-handicapper.

The Cobra Golf King F6 Blue, Callaway Golf XR 16 and PING G Stretch3 are perfect for high handicap golfers and offers excellent trajectory for players still gaining a grip on their game.

Other top of the range fairway woods for high handicap golfers include the Callaway Golf Big Bertha Fusion Fairway Wood, Cobra Golf King LTD, Mizuno Golf JPX EZ, TaylorMade M2, PING G Alta 65 and Callaway Golf Great Big Bertha Kuro Kage, among others.

 mid-handicap Fairway Woods

Mid-Handicap Fairway Woods

Still a way from the top level, mid handicap golfers should be proficient with a golf club and understand the benefits of working a good quality fairway wood. Though not quite ready to make the leap to low handicap, mid-level golfers are still pretty good on the greens.

At this stage a golfer should be thinking about letting go of the old clubs in their bag and moving onto more high-calibre kit. A nice starting point for a mid-handicap golfer is the Cobra Golf MAX to help maximise distance and manage trajectory for any course condition and any swing.

The PING G25 and TaylorMade M1 Fujikura Pro are other excellent options for mid and mid to high handicappers.

Low-Handicap Fairway Woods

Low handicap golfers know what they like in a golf club, have tried and tested a range of variations and are entirely comfortable in what they use on the greens. Low handicap golfers are able to tap into fairway wood technologies, although playing at this level also means seeking greater performance options.

The Callaway Golf XR 16 Pro and Callaway Golf Big Bertha Alpha 816 have a wealth of deep technologies to allow golfers to tune into the distance they want.

At American Golf we stock a great range of Fairway Woods from all the biggest brands, including Cobra, Nike, Callaway, TaylorMade, PING, Titleist, Benross, Mizuno, Wilson Staff, Adams, US Kids, Wilson, Wilson Deep Red, Fazer.