Srixon AD333 Tour 12 Ball Pack 2016


Srixon AD333 Tour 12 Ball Pack 2016

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Srixon AD333 Tour 12 Ball Pack 2016
These AD333 Tour golf balls are a premium ball designed especially for golfers that don't possess tour level swing speeds but demand the precision of a tour level golf ball.

This fantastic golf ball also features:

  • Next Generation SpinSkin
  • 324 Advanced Speed Dimple Pattern
  • New E.G.G. Core
  • Super Soft Urethane Cover

Next Generation SpinSkin

Driven to improve greenside spin without sacrificing distance and tee to green control. The proprietary SpinSkin coating improves friction between the golf ball and club surface by 20 percent, resulting in unmatched greenside performance.

324 advanced Speed Dimple Pattern

The balls feature a Pure White visual coating with 324 advanced speed dimple pattern which enhances aerodynamics for greater distance.

New E.G.G. Core

New E.G.G. Core which has softer compression by 5 point creates higher launch angle, lower spin, longer distance and softer feel. The mid-layer has a high repulsion ionomer for improved feel.
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