Srixon Golf Balls

  • Srixon Soft Feel Brite 12 Golf Ball Pack

    RRP £28.00 Save £5.01
  • Srixon Soft Feel Brite 12 Golf Ball Pack

    RRP £28.00 Save £5.01

Srixon Balls Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Srixon golf ball?

The best Srixon golf ball entirely depends on how you play your game and what you hold in the greatest importance. Firstly, let’s look at the Z-Star models. Z-Star golf balls by Srixon offer heightened spin, control, and feel upon impact due to their thicker cover. They are, arguably, one of the best value premium golf balls as they have incredible durability and damage resistance. They are not the highest launching ball, however, so if you’re looking to improve your launch angle then the Q-Star model might be better suited to you. Z-Star Diamond, the sister to its counterpart, offers optimum control on the green and performs well in high winds, but their momentum will be appreciated most by those with high swing speeds.

The Q-Star, as we’ve touched on, offers a high launch angle for improved height and distance. It boasts a softer feel than the Z-Star, so slower swing speeds may get on well with this Srixon ball, and it’s just as effective in putting as it is in driving. It offers an optimised short game spin, but a low spin for long game performance, making it a great all-rounder.

When looking for all-rounders (and if a premium-level price point isn’t for you), then the AD333 balls by Srixon will be your best choice. Cost-effective and a faithful all-round performer, the AD333 models have been around for nearly 2 decades. They may scuff a little earlier in their lifetimes than more premium balls, but for their lower price and solid performance most golfers are willing to forgive this.

If the feel of a golf ball off the clubhead is important to you, you’d be in the majority, and luckily Srixon offers different models here too. Srixon Soft Feel golf balls, for example, are long through the bag and durable, making them firm favourites of softer coverings. Their thin cover allows for an optimised greenside spin and reduced drag in the air, performing well through almost all shots and approaches. Golfers with a slower swing speed will enjoy Srixon Soft Feel, as those with moderate to fast swing speeds might find them a little too soft for the momentum they need.

Then, there’s UltiSoft golf balls. Even softer than Soft Feel, these are well suited to slow swing speeds and senior golfers. Their FastLayer core offers an incredibly low compression of 42 both on and around the green, so they feel consistently soft across all clubs. Again, though, fast swingers may struggle for distance and momentum, but for slow swingers that require durability, you’ll definitely love these.

Lastly, the best Srixon golf ball for covering maximum ground is the Srixon Distance golf balls. These are low compression balls that don’t step on the toes of Soft Feel or UltiSoft. Their lessened dimples on the covering reduces drag in the air and encourages greater lift, meaning they’re particularly effective on windy days. High handicappers will enjoy their sturdy durability and players with high swing speed will enjoy the power they can get behind them.

Which professionals use Srixon golf balls?

The Srixon Z-Star ball models are the most popular Srixon balls used by professionals on the PGA Tour. These professionals include Martin Laird, Matthew NeSmith, Russell Knox, Hideki Matsuyama, Sepp Straka, Andrew Putnam, Shane Lowry, and Keegan Bradley.

What Srixon golf balls are best for spin?

The Srixon Z-Star golf balls, including the original model and the Z-Star XV, are the highest spinning balls available in this brand. Naturally, if you have a higher swing speed, you’re going to generate more spin anyway, but these models actively encourage it. Slower swing speeds may not reap the benefits here, but for above average speed swingers will definitely enjoy this ball off the driver, wedge, and even when putting.

What Srixon golf balls are best for distance?

Unsurprisingly, Srixon Distance golf balls are best for distance of the tee. Their large core and thin cover combines to provide low compression, allowing it to bounce easily and directly off the clubhead. They have less dimples covering them than other models, but the dimples that are present are slightly larger and deeper, creating larger flexible air pockets at the moment of impact with the clubhead. This makes them great for low-to-moderate swing speeds. With this being said, though, a higher swing speed will benefit the most from the distance of the Z-Star XV.