Wilson Staff

Wilson Staff Model Raw 12 Ball Pack

Wilson Staff

Wilson Staff Model Raw 12 Ball Pack


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This ball is the first unpainted urethane golf ball in the world to provide exceptional precision and overall performance. During extensive robot testing it was proved that uneven paint applied to a golf ball cover can negatively affect the ball during flight. These ‘raw’ versions of the ball performed so well, and delivered such exceptional precision and overall performance. That advisory staff demanded that we develop an unpainted version for production, and Staff Model R was born.

The Staff Model Raw Balls Feature:

  • Unpainted Urethane Cover
  • V-COR
  • 4-Layer Design
  • 362 Seamless Dimple Pattern

4-Layer Design

Each layer of the ball has been uniquely designed for optimal performance. The core promotes maximized velocity, it offers best in class feel, and the cast urethane cover generates tour quality spin and control.


The Staff Model has a premium construction, 4-layers of performance with a unique V-COR to magnify energy. This generates maximum velocity off the club face for greater distance performance.

362 Seamless Dimple Pattern

The 362 seamless dimple pattern guarantees a penetrating ball flight, this smooths airflow around the ball to maximize distance performance.
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