Srixon Leather Ladies Glove


Srixon Leather Ladies Glove

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Srixon Leather Ladies Glove
Combining comfort with fast and easy ventilation, Srixon have produced a ladies leather glove to give golfers the ultimate fit & feel at a great price. Each Srixon glove has been manufactured from the finest cabretta leather to provide great feel, maximum comfort and flexibility.

Srixon Leather Ladies Glove features:

  • Srixon Finger Venting Technology
  • Cabretta Leather Crafting
  • Coolmax Spandex Knuckle Inserts
  • Quick & Easy Velcro Fastener

Srixon Cabretta Leather Glove Finger Venting Technology

By utilising finger venting technology, Srixon have produced their ultimate leather glove to provide players with cool comfort throughout their game. The perforated double line design flexes and expands with movement of the fingers causing air within the glove to be forced out and replaced with cool air from outside, maintaining a cycle of fresh air to cool the hands.

Srixon Coolmax Spandex & Superior Comfort Design

As part of Srixon’s Superior Comfort Design, Coolmax spandex has been inserted into the knuckles and gussets to provide a stretchable snug fit to retain glove shape and provide the player with the best in flexible glove control. When combined with high quality cabretta leather, grip and control is vastly improved to enhance player performance. The glove is also easy to put on and take off with a quick and easy black Velcro fastener sporting the Srixon Logo.
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