PowaKaddy Wind Safe Umbrella

PowaKaddy Wind Safe Umbrella

PowaKaddy Wind Safe Umbrella


  • Choose Colour: Black/silver

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PowaKaddy Wind Safe Umbrella
A vital necessity on the golf course when weather conditions worsen, the PowaKaddy Golf Umbrella, as with all PowaKaddy products, boosts performance and excels practicality and quality.

PowaKaddy Golf Umbrella Features

  • 62 inch Diameter Umbrella
  • Double Canopy Umbrella Technology
  • Protective Storage sleeve
  • Lightweight Fibre Glass Shaft & Ribs

PowaKaddy Golf Umbrella Design

The extra large, lightweight canopy will protect you from the rain so you can stay dry during your game and play in confidence without the pouring rain faltering your performance on the golf course.

PowaKaddy Golf Umbrella Design

The PowaKaddy umbrella measures a massive 62” diameter (158cm) but is lightweight enough to comfortably carry with you around the course. Made from high-quality, durable 100% Nylon, it is available in a black and silver colour with contrasting yellow and white PowaKaddy Logo embellished on the canopy. Made with a glass fibre shaft and ribs, this umbrella benefits from boasting an extra large canopy but remains lightweight for comfort on the golf course and has ultra strong results. Due to its clever construction it is sure the make it through even the worst winds and weather conditions. The custom-molded handles have a soft-touch surface with added grip so that your hands will not slip if they get wet during shots. The Umbrella comes complete with a protective sleeve so it will stay clean and free from dust and dirt and will be sure not to be damaged while it is stored in your golf bag.

PowaKaddy Golf Umbrella Double Canopy Technology

The fantastic PowaKaddy Umbrella is constructed using a double canopy design that allows wind to pass through the layers rather than the wind turning the umbrella inside out and breaking which can often happen with umbrellas of a lower quality. Therefore it will not only protect you in down pours, it is perfect to use in heavy wind conditions.
The PowaKaddy Golf Umbrella is available now at American Golf’s online shop. Perfect for torrential weather conditions when you could end up spoiling your game by concentrating more on your umbrella breaking than your swing; the PowaKaddy Golf Umbrella is guaranteed to last in almost any weather condition!
Please note, Powakaddy do not permit their golf equipment to be sold outside of the UK & Eire.
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