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J.Lindeberg Ellott Archive Trousers

J.Lindeberg Ellott Archive Trousers
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J Lindeberg

J.Lindeberg Ellott Archive Trousers



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J.Lindeberg Ellott Archive Trousers
These cutting-edge golf trousers are designed with Micro Stretch fabric to help you perform as you play the sport of golf. The trousers have a tight fit and are constructed with an element of stretch to help you move more freely during the athletic movements associated with golf.

The Ellott Archive Trouser Features:

  • Micro Stretch Fabric
  • Light / Breathable / Water-Repellent
  • Tight Fit
  • 91% Polyester, 9% Elastane
They are lightweight, breathable, and are fast drying, plus are water-resistant to prevent any distractions during your golf game. Other features include 5 pockets, a rubberised thread inside the waistband to prevent untucking and belt loops. The pants are highlighted with printed information at the bottom of the leg and have a rubberised metal rivet bridge logo.
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