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Dialed in weighting that dials up distance

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It’s not only about shaving weight. It’s also about where you put it. Every product in the Fly-Z family takes its own unique approach to weight placement. That way, no matter how you swing, there’s a club designed to get the best performance out of the way you play.

Let’s talk about discretionary weight.

It’s not just about losing weight, it’s about where you put it. Being specific about weight placement is critically important when you’re attempting to maximize distance for every player.

Through advanced design we shaved weight from the face, the internal hosel structure and the crown, meaning we were able to maximize “discretionary weight” which simply means we had more freedom to place weight exactly where we wanted it.

We freed up so much weight that we were able to place the center of gravity in our new Fly-Z™ driver lower and further back than ever before. Making it our longest, most forgiving driver yet.

Fly Z Family

And Introducing

Speed Channel

The Forged E9 Zone Face takes another jump forward with the addition of Speed Channel, an exclusive COBRA innovation. Our specially formulated E9 sweet zone shape has always helped maintain ball speed even on mis-hits, but now Speed Channel takes those ball speeds to a whole new level.

Surrounding the face with an engineered trench that minimizes face thickness provides increased ball speeds across the face to reach the next generation of distance.

Fly Z Family