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Srixon AD333 12 Golf Ball Pack
The popular 2-piece AD333 has been further improved for even more performance, with FastLayer Core and Spin Skin with SeRM to give you exceptional distance, feel, and short game control.

The Srixon Balls Feature:

  • FastLayer Core
  • Spin Skin with SeRM
  • Advanced Aerodynamics (mid-high flight trajectory)
  • Lower-Compression

FastLayer Core

This ball has been developed with a FastLayer Core which has a soft inner core that gradually gets firmer towards the outer edges of the golf ball. This greatly improves ball speed and provides a higher launch angle with an enhanced feel you can feel off the tee.

Spin Skin with SeRM

Spin Skin with SeRM is a coating with flexible molecular polymer bonds to greatly enhance spin. SeRM provides a softer cover than the previous generations, a cover that digs into clubhead grooves to generating more greenside and approach control.

Advanced Aerodynamics

This aerodynamic dimple pattern combines uniformity of dimple design with higher surface coverage, creating more distance and wind resistance. The 338-speed dimple pattern design delivers a penetrating ball flight, resulting in incredible distance and superior stability in the wind.
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