Rife RX5 Chipper

Rife RX5 Chipper
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Rife RX5 Chipper



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Rife RX5 Chipper
The chipper is designed for alignment, to be used with a putting style pendulum stroke which provides more chips which stay on their intended target lines. It has a wide sole for cleaner turf interaction and has a pronounced offset on the hosel which is there to keep the hands ahead of the ball on contact.

The RX5 Chipper Features:

  • Wide Sole / Low Center of Gravity
  • Versatile 37 Degree Loft
  • High Chrome Finish
  • 1-Year Guarantee / Firm Light Steel Shaft / Soft Feel Rubber Grip
The 37 degrees of lofting is especially useful from around the fringes of the green to allow you to play short bump and run shots or chip shots. The club has a low centre of gravity and 360-gram head to promote consistency, plus has an alignment aid for easy targeting. It is fitted with a firm steel shaft for less flexing and a soft feeling rubber compound grip for comfort and control.
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