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Tour Edge Exotics C721 Driver

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Tour Edge Exotics C721 Driver


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Tour Edge Exotics C721 Driver
Feel the power of the C721 Tour Edge Exotics driver, packed with future technology that will blow players away.

The Tour Edge Driver Features:

  • Ridgeback Technology / Dual Carbon Wings
  • Diamond Face 2.0 Design / Sound Diffusion Panels
  • Rear Back Weight / Adjustable Hosel
  • 1-Year Guarantee

Ridgeback Technology

The driver has a titanium spine from the center of the face through the crown and wrapping around the head to connect with the titanium soleplate. This design generates more power on center ball strikes and allows the face to flex more meaning you get more performance even on off-center hits.

Dual Carbon Wings

These carbon wings are placed into the titanium head structure to save weight, allowing engineers to precisely locate the rear back weight CG position to produce an extreme MOI. The weight discretionary weight is placed low and back to increase stability at impact.

Diamond Face 2.0 Design

Behind the clubface are 43 different thick and thin diamond shapes to produce an even bigger sweet spot. This helps to generate more ball speed and reduces spin, and better performance on off-center ball strikes.

Sound Diffusion Panels

To improve the sound of the C721, Tour Edge strategically placed panels inside the clubhead to enrich the sound at impact. This enriches the richness of sound the driver makes at impact, along with the carbon wings which work together to orchestrate the 721 driver’s industry-leading sound and feel.
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