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Cobra Golf King SPEEDZONE Hybrid

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Cobra Golf King SPEEDZONE Hybrid

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New SPEEDZONE hybrid`s offer the next generation of speed and power, with unique performance innovations to deliver unprecedented performance.

The King SPEEDZONE Hybrid Features:

  • Hollow Split Rail Technology
  • Forged E9 Face
  • Refined Shape & Back Weighting
  • 1-Year Guarantee / Stock Graphite Shaft / LAMKIN Crossline STD Black Grip

Hollow Split Rail Technology

The hybrid features a new split rail structure which divides the rail system into a front and rear portion. The front rails are hollow to create walls that flex at impact. Plus Baffler Rail technology prevents the leading edge of the fairway from digging into the turf and helps to improve stability the structure. The result is more ball speed and improved launch and a hybrid that glide`s through the turf to deliver more clubhead speed through impact.

Forged E9 Face

Cobra engineered this hybrid with a Forged E9 Face. This high-strength steel face allowed a thinner and hotter face design that expands the sweet zone for maximum ball speed performance.

Refined Shape & Back Weighting

The SPEEDZONE has a larger head profile compared to a traditional hybrid. The oversize shaping adds higher MOI for improved forgiveness, plus has a squared leading edge to improve accuracy. Back weighting creates a higher launch with more spin, so no matter where you are placed on the turf you can hit it high for maximum carry distance.
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