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Cobra Golf T-Rail Hybrid Steel Irons

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Cobra Golf T-Rail Hybrid Steel Irons



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Cobra Golf T-Rail Hybrid Steel Irons
Experience the best of both worlds, a completely different set make up of hybrid progressive irons. To give you iron precision and the distance and forgiveness of a hybrid.

The Cobra Golf Irons Feature:

  • Hollow Body Construction
  • New Baffler Hollow Split Rails
  • High-Strength, Forged Steel Face
  • 1-Year Guarantee / Cobra ULTRALITE Steel Shafts / COBRA Lamkin Crossline Grips

Hollow Body Construction

The hollow design of each club makes them much easier to launch, with wide soles to move the CG position low and deep in every iron for forgiveness and improved launch throughout the entire set.

New Baffler Rails

Every iron has 2 rails located at the bottom of the sole plate, this improves interaction with the turf to allow you to play out of a variety of different lies. Giving you the confidence to effortlessly glide out of any position you are challenged with when out on the golf course. The new rail set-up offers around 70% more flexing on the sole behind the face to provide enhanced launch and ball speed performance.

High-Strength Steel Face

The T-Rail Baffler irons have a face designed for more speed, with a high-strength forged steel face insert that has a variable face thickness E9 technology. This along with stronger lofts improve distance and forgiveness along the entire area of the face for more performance.
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