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Callaway Golf Mack Daddy 4 Chrome Wedge

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Callaway Golf Mack Daddy 4 Chrome Wedge

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The MD4 wedges have the versatility and selection for every shot, every course condition, and every swing. By leveraging 4 unique sole grinds (S-Grind, C-Grind, X-Grind and the W-Grind). Callaway's new Groove-in-Groove technology and Micro-Positive surface optimises spin for each loft, and soft carbon feel, ensures you can tailor your wedges to suit your game.

The MD4 Chrome Wedge Features:

  • 4 Unique Sole Grinds (S-Grind, C-Grind W-Grind and X-Grind)
  • Groove-In-Groove Technology
  • Soft Carbon Steel & Precise CG Locations
  • 2-Year Guarantee & Dynamic Golf 115 Steel Shaft / Lamkin UTx Grip

Pure Feel

These wedges give you everything you need to get up and down from the toughest of lies. With a combination of soft carbon steel, micro-positive surface texture and precise CG locations, providing you with a pure feel and crisp turf interaction, for better control around the greens.

Performance Options

The MD4 range offers 21 loft and bounce options, the most combinations in any other Callaway wedge range. With 4 sole grinds to designed for different short-game styles and course conditions.

4 Grinds For Every Shot, Every Condition and Every Swing

4 unique grinds to suit the shots you hit, the courses you play and the swings you make. It’s the versatility and selection you need to get up and down from anywhere. C-Grind and the new X-Grind Mack Daddy 4 wedges are ideal for golfers that like to play a variety of different shots or play at a course that offers a wide range of lies. W-Grind and S-Grind  wedges are extremely versatile and ideal for golfers who primarily like to hit their wedge shots with a square face.

W-Grind: This sole is slightly wider in the centre and the toe. It’s perfect if you play in softer conditions or you come in with a steep angle to the ball. This prevents digging and keeps the leading edge close to the turf at impact, and it’s extremely playable out of all types of bunkers.

S-Grind: This medium -sole width option with slight ribbon at the back. Offers moderate heel relief, keeping the leading edge low for solid open face shots.

C-Grind: Designed for firmer conditions and versatility around the green. The heel and toe relief allow for a number of shots, especially opening up the face and keeping the leading edge low.

X-Grind:  This new grind features a narrow, high-bounce crescent sole, with the low point near the front. Designed for moderate-to-steep attack angles, and medium-to-soft course conditions.

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