Honma TW-W4 Steel Wedge


Honma TW-W4 Steel Wedge

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Honma TW-W4 Steel Wedge
The Honma TW-W4 wedge has been engineered to deliver precision and control, with a hand-shaped profile and blast and polish finish created by master craftsmen in Sakata, Japan.

The TW-W4 Wedge Features:

  • S20C Forged Mild Steel
  • Cross Milled Face
  • Sculpted Back / Progressive Design
  • 1-Year Guarantee & N.S.PRO Modus Steel Shaft / Honma TW Rubber Grip

Beautifully Crafted

The wedge has been crafted with a soft feeling S20C Forged mild steel with a cross milled face to deliver maximum spin performance.

Progressive Scoring and Control

The wedges have progressive designs and unique back weighting which changes depending on the loft, with low CG in the lower lofted for solid full feeling full shots. Plus higher CG in the higher lofts to control trajectory with feel and forgiveness when opening the face around the greens.

Sole Configurations

The wedges also feature loft specific sole configurations: 48/50/52 degree wedges have an I-Sole configuration which is a crescent-shaped sole with heel and toe relief for added versatility around the green. Plus the 54/56/58/60 degree wedges feature the C-Sole: a full sole with camber and trailing edge relief for clean a takeaway and better turf interaction on full shots.
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