SkyCaddie LINX GT Tour Edition


SkyCaddie LINX GT Tour Edition

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SkyCaddie LINX GT Tour Edition

Improve your game this season by gathering all of the data you will need about your game with this incredible GPS watch and tracking system. This system comes complete with a built in SmartTag to give you location and distance of each shot. The watch wirelessly syncs with SkyCaddie Mobile in real-time, displaying your shots in vivid HD. The LINX GT watch’s TruePoint GPS engine replaces your smartphones location services, enhancing accuracy by up to 300% over all other golf GPS apps.

This tracking system features:

  • 1-Year SkyGolf 360 Premium Membership Plan
  • 35,000 TrueGround Course Maps
  • SkyCaddie Mobile App
  • SkyCaddie LINX GT Watch

SkyCaddie LINX Watch

This watch provides you with all the distance information you need to select your shots. The watch is also SmartTag-Ready which helps you select your target, to get even more accurate distances, which helps to pick a club, play each shot and record the results on a vivid HD maps in real time. 35,000 course maps pre-loaded worldwide ready for you to play. You get accurate distances to bunkers, carries, water, end of the fairway, over the green and more! This device is hands free and will automatically pick up the golf course you are on, automatically recognise the hole you are on in advance and auto-distance update. The watch will automatically record your scored and upload them to the SkyGolf 360 Cloud for post-round analysis. You can also track your distance, pace, and speed for any sport with the built in odometer. If you enjoy keeping fit, you can set fitness goals and let the LINX GT track your steps, calories burned and distances walked.

SkCaddie Mobile

The TrueGround Course Maps have been created from professional survey-grade equipment to create the most complete, most reliable and most precise course maps in the game. You will be able to play quicker thanks to the birds eye view of the entire hole in HD. With a simple tap of the screen, you can measure distances to any point on the hole and get the information you need for the shot you want to play. There are up to 40 geo-referenced targets per hole within the HoleVue. This allows you to zoom in and get critical distances to hazards and lay up zones. You also get incredible detailed green information.

SkyGolf 360 Game Analysis & Sharing

With SkyGolf 360 you will gain valuable information about your golf game. All the data received from your SmartTag and LINX GT you get information such as scoring stats, fairways hit, putts per round/hole and more. You can identify your games strengths and weaknesses using the post-round game analysis tool. You can manage your your account to activate, transfer and renew memberships. Search and manage TrueGround Course maps for your SkyCaddie rangefinder. Share scores, stats and chat with friends on the news feed and book tee times at participating public and private golf courses. (See images for more information)

Package Contents

.SkyCaddie LINX GT watch
.SkyCaddie Mobile
.1-Year SkyGolf 360 Premium membership plan
.Charging cable

Mobile Requirements:

.Apple iPhone with iOS 7 or higher, OR
.Smartphone with Android 4.4 or higher.*
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