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Review: Callaway Golf Big Bertha Hybrid

When fast isn’t fast enough, it’s time to go Big Bertha…

The latest Callaway release in the Big Bertha chain comes in hybrid form, and is designed to give golfers greater lift-off and accuracy from tees and fairways like never before.

Packed from head to grip with technology, the Big Bertha Hybrid is able to create faster golf ball speeds, more forgiveness and complete adjustability to tune in the perfect shots. This is a golf club made by golfers, for golfers. In fact, the Big Bertha could well be golf in its purest form.

Big Bertha’s Big Technology

As already stated above, this golf club is fast! Built with Speed Frame Face created from thin, light and incredibly robust materials, this club offers velocity right across the face.

Forgiveness is part and parcel of many recent golf club iterations, so it’s not surprising to see Callaway once again highlight the significance of this particular piece of technology. However, in this case we think they are right to do so. The incredible Internal Standing Wave technology is what gives this club its unrivalled forgiveness; creating a low CG and offering up the full package of high MOI for maximum forgiveness and impressive ball speeds right across the board.

Big Bertha Hybrid Adjustability

Callaway's OptiFit Adjustability is at its finest with an adjustable hosel that lets players choose from a combination of 8 different lofts (-1, S, +1, +2) and lie angles (draw or neutral). This is the perfect way to find that optimised trajectory and shot shape every time.

For passionate golfers who love to win, the Big Bertha Hybrid should be first in every players’ bag, and it’s available now from american golf.

View the Big Bertha Ladies Hybrid, also available now from american golf.