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2016 American Golf Long Drive Championship regional qualifiers announced

Over 1000 golfers flocked to American Golf’s 106 stores over Masters weekend to flex their golfing muscles and take the first steps towards becoming the American Golf Long Drive Champion in association with Garmin.

Up for grabs at each store was the chance to qualify for one of ten regional finals – the first step towards becoming American Golf Long Drive Champion 2016.

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In addition to the accolade of becoming American Golf Long Drive Champion in association with Garmin, the championship is currently the only Long Drive competition in Europe that carries an automatic qualifying spot for the 2016 World Long Drive Championships in each of the three categories: Open, Over 45 and Ladies.

Once at regional's the pressure really mounts with a place at the American Golf Long Drive Championship Grand Final in association with Garmin on the line.

The 2016 Grand Final will take place on Friday 19th August. Returning to last year’s venue, the American Golf National Academy at High Legh Park Golf Club will see contestants play a specially designed sector and the event will be filmed exclusively for Sky Sports. Finalists will line up against last year’s returning champions – European Long Drive specialist Dan Konyk, big hitting Caerphilly councillor Steve Kent and current World No.3 ladies long driver Rebecca McGinley.

All that stands in the way of the competitor’s route to the final is victory at their regional, so the following golfers should get ready to tee it high and let it fly to bag a place in the American Golf Long Drive Championship Final in association with Garmin.

All golfers who have qualified will be informed of their allocated Regional Qualifier by Thursday 5th May.

Ladies Qualifiers

Jo Hodge (Salisbury) Olivia Raybould (Wolverhampton - 3 Hammers) Becky Tilke (Exeter)
Anna Collis (Stevenage) Maria Connor (Slough) Jade Roberts (Peterborough)
Abbi Gallacher-Rowlands (Camberley) Isobel Green (Telford) Lucy Raspin (Hull)
Sarah Chuter (Tonbridge) Lorna Clymont (Clydebank) Claire Louise (Northwick Park)
Jane Rees (Cheltenham) Caroline Steedman (Edinburgh) Steph Hall (Meadowhall - Sheffield)
Jenny Willett (Wrexham) A Stevenson (Gateshead) Christine Christie (Swindon)
Maria Conner (Northolt) Karen Friendship (Plymouth Elburton) Jillian Powell (Newbury)
Val Watson (Guildford) Sam Needle (Hambrook) Orla Fitzpatrick (Stirling)
Ann Longman (Colchester) Patricia Moore (Ipswich) Jean Mccluskey (Aintree)
Deb Kurshaw (Stockport) Joan Raffety (Brighton) Mary Lucharini (Dublin)
Bev Coleman (Coventry) Ffion Morgans (Swansea) Patricia Tweedale (Trafford)
Amelia Bentley (Cambridge) Lauren Fraser (Inverness) Carol Fox (Nottingham)
Emma Whitely (Oxford)

Over 45’s

Charles Seo (New Malden) Steve Thomas (Stoke) David Harmon (Dublin)
Les D'Souza (Stonelees) Craig Anderson (Eastleigh) David Willmore (Oxford)
James Mcintyre (Irvine) David Passmore (Meadowhall - Sheffield) Anton Reader (Telford)
D Bradley (Glasgow - Griffnock) Paul Davidson (Cardiff) Mark Taylor (Middleton)
Mark Newton (Milton Keynes) Stephen Maynard (Swansea) Luke Hopson (Bristol)
Keith Watt (Edinburgh - Corstophine) Dave Small (Solihull) James Burns (East Kilbride)
Russell Blair (Clydebank) Kevin Commins (Dundrum) Cliff Templeman (Wrexham)
Jason Tor Bett (Watford) Andy Chidgey (Hambrook) Steve Turner (Plymouth-Elburton)
John Griffiths (Nottingham) Kevin Ruffle (Rustington) Paul Shaw (Belfast)
Steve Mansfield (Brighton) Gavin Rogers (Canterbury) Jon Marsh (Newbury)
John Harris (Swindon) Ian Bradley (Newcastle) Paul Cowmeadow (Wolverhampton - 3 Hammers)
Gordon Ross (Inverness) Kevin Tuft (Aintree) Peter Warren (Colchester)
Steve Mccabe (Worcester) Richard Istead (Northolt) Bernard Schofield (Peterborough)
John Curtis (Camberley) Jonathan Brown (Ipswich) Andrew Walker (Exeter)
John Mcnee (Stirling) Warren Black (Preston) James Darby (Cambridge)
Richard Wright (Stockport) Mike Bailey (Trafford) Mark Stevenson (Gateshead)
Jonathon Warburton (Merryhill) Graham Taylor (Romford) Neil Butler (Basingstoke)
John Lynch (Leeds - Moortown) Andy Hulton (Stevenage) Paul Cronin (Cork)
Ross Cleary (York) John Barron (Greenwich) Philip Rice (Liverpool)
Jonathan Moore (Bournemouth) Mike Long (Cheltenham) Shaun Neil (Hull)
Russell Silvister (Guildford) Graham Boardall (Leeds - Menston) Jasvir Gill (Coventry)
Nicholas Purce (Boucher Crescent Belfast) Lawrence Stiengold (Doncaster) Mark Allan (Chester)
Eldridge (Chigwell) Robert Bilton (High Legh) Ian Ratoff (Braintree)
David Mcintosh (Glasgow - Bearsden) John Roe (Purley) David Andrews (Croydon)
Tony Glazebrook (Sidcup) Ben Torriero (Livingston) Clive Hanwells (Thurrock)
Anthony James (Northampton) Donagh O'Toole (Middlesbrough) David Wells (Leicester)
James Burgess (Maidstone) Ian Nieuwstadt (Kingston) Paul Wood (Biggleswade)
Raj Kerai (Northwick Park) Colin Mcclenn (Slough) Tim Cole (Crewe)
Jackie Boon (Milton Keynes) Tom Leighton (Derby) Tim Dodd (Tonbridge)

Under 45’s

John Mcsloy (Clydebank) Bijan Matin (Addlestone) David Evans (Milton Keynes)
Alex Robertson (Middlesbrough) Lucas Dornan (Thurrock) Chris Field (Rustington)
Kyle Schulz (Camberley) Adam Hussain (Stockport) Martin Holder (Ipswich)
James Jordan (Tonbridge) Brad Pearmain (Wolverhampton - 3 Hammers) Alex Olney (Eastleigh)
Chris Clark (Aberdeen) David Benford (Doncaster) Tom Ruddle (Swindon)
Emil Schanb (New Malden) Oliver Baker (Northwick Park) Chris Moloes (Boucher Crescent Belfast)
Carl Long (Slough) Ian Walters (Swansea) Steven Davison (Belfast)
Ashley Morrisson (Maidstone) Ben Gillett (Monument) Ross O'Brien (Hull)
Dan Kilroy (Salisbury) Conor Mcdowall (Cork) David Miller (Glasgow - Griffnock)
Jordan Fisher (Watford) Andrew Fox (Drivetime) Ryan Schiavone (Edinburgh - Corstophine)
Dan Millichip (Telford) Lee Sloane (Newcastle) Aidan Boxall (Basingstoke)
Tim Creswell (Plymouth – Elburton) Danny Williams (Middleton) Ben Van Rooyen (Stevenage)
Martin Rogalski (Stirling) Ashley Jones (Bournemouth) Steven King (Gateshead)
Mark Mcdonald (Aintree) Jake Bushell (Canterbury) Adam Gaskins (Cheltenham)
Andy Ayre (Glasgow - Bearsden) David Schofield (Peterborough) Craig Lumsden (York)
Paul Hebdon (Exeter) Matthew Thomas (Cardiff) Ben Heda (Greenwich)
Rees Wiggins (Colchester) Alex Farnsworth (Worcester) Ross Mccafferty (East Kilbride)
Paul Griffiths (Trafford) Oliver Timms (Edgbaston) Rob Dumighan (Stoke)
Fraser Paget (Sutton Coldfield) John Sykes (Irvine) Andrew Wynn (Hedge End)
Mike Evans (Wrexham) Phil Livesey (Bolton) Mark Thompson (Kingston)
Dan Lormor (Sunderland) Michael Beasley (Guildford) Nathan Selwood (Stonelees)
Daniel Hensher (Leicester) Daniel O'Loughlin (Nottingham) Keith Douglas (Dundrum)
Dan Wheeldon (Trent Lock) Joe Howick (Dublin) Craig Thomson (Livingston)
Chris Workman (Norwich) Tom Calber (Chigwell) Lucas Pettersson (Northolt)
Jack Langridge (Brighton) Chris Lait (Solihull) Mark Davies (Coventry)
James Cooper (Bristol) Richard Bates (Newbury) Terry Keenan (Preston)
George Lee (Liverpool) David Hewitt (Romford) Matthew Gavin (Lincoln)
Daniel Shurmer (Oxford) Adam Marsh (Braintree) Ian Lebbel (Sidcup)
Matt Watt (Leeds - Moortown) David Alcock (High Legh) Richard Kidd (Croydon)
Ian Wilkins (Merryhill) Gavin Fraser (Inverness) Chris Ewing (Cambridge)
Ashleigh Latter (Biggleswade) Cameron Steedman (Edinburgh - Braid Hills) Dan Owen (Crewe)
Shaun Roberts (Chester) Alex Veil (Leeds - Menston) Scott Mcewan (Sidcup)
Thomas Nickelson (Northampton) Alex Barnham (London) Redgie Phelps (Hambrook)

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