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Golf Umbrellas: Everything you need to know

Golf umbrellas are important accessories for a player’s bag. When the weather goes south, an umbrella can be your best friend on a rain-whipped green – protecting both you and your clubs.

There are several things to consider when buying an umbrella, including its dimensions, wind resistance, shaft material and colour scheme. This buying guide will give you the best advice for choosing the right golf umbrella this winter and beyond.

Take your time choosing a golf umbrella

Many golfers own an umbrella and use it regularly on the course. However, it is likely that a good percentage of those players got their umbrella either through a promotion offered by the manufacturer while buying something else or by quickly grabbing the first one which took their eye without considering whether it was really any good for them.

Freebies are great and should definitely be accepted when offered – especially if it saves money – but that should not be the end of the story. As well as keeping that free umbrella, why not also invest some time in choosing an umbrella which meets your requirements long-term; at the end of the day this is your game and no one else’s. Every player wants to feel comfortable, dry and safe on the golf course, and sometimes the only way to achieve that is by seeking out the best products.

Getting acquainted with size and dimension – the bigger the better

At american golf we stock a great range of golf umbrellas both in-store and online, including our very own american golf Umbrella, so we’re confident you will find what you need with us. Speaking with fellow golfers and of course our PGA Pro’s, rule of thumb suggests the bigger umbrella you own, the better it will perform - and if it can be comfortably handled without blowing away, then you’re onto a winner.

Not many golfers have the privilege of a caddie accompanying them around the course, so purchasing an umbrella to keep golf clubs and bags dry when addressing the ball and playing shots is an excellent way to prolong the life of the equipment and reduce club head slippages when taking crucial swings.

By purchasing an umbrella with at least a 60-inch span will ensure it is large enough to keep equipment dry during play. Some of the best golf umbrellas with a 60-inch span and above includes the Titleist Double Canopy Umbrella, Callaway Golf 64” Double Canopy Chev Umbrella, PING 68" Tour Umbrella and the Fazer Golf Umbrella to name just a few.

Stand your ground – tried and tested wind resistance

These days any golf umbrella worth investing in has been subjected to intense wind tunnel testing and will sometimes be marked with the wind levels that they can reasonably tolerate before falling apart.

Buy umbrellas which are able to withstand very high wind speeds and adverse weather conditions to make sure it will perform when the moment arrives when it is needed for some quick protection. Unfortunately a lot of golfers still do not concern themselves with making sure the umbrella they are purchasing has been fully tested. An easy way to check is to ask a member of staff in-store or read the online product description which will indicate how effective the umbrella performs in strong weather.

The Nike Golf 68" Windsheer Umbrella, Cleveland Golf Gustbuster Umbrella, PowaKaddy Wind Safe Umbrella, Nike Golf Windproof VI Umbrella and Asbri Golf Double Canopy Evo-Storm Umbrella Range all offer excellent wind and storm resistance on the golf course.

Choosing shaft material

Every golf umbrella will have shaft material based on what the company which designed it feels would look and feel the best. For this reason, there’s no right or wrong shaft material to buy.

To put it bluntly, using a fibreglass shaft rather than steel significantly decreased the chances of being struck by lightning while on the golf course. It sounds silly, and it’s incredibly rare, but it can and does happen so that’s why some golfers prefer to reduce the risk. Of course we would also recommend that, should players notice lightning above their heads, that they leave the golf course regardless of whether or not they are using a fibreglass umbrella shaft.

Fibreglass is very lightweight; lighter than steel in fact. It also allows the umbrella to flex and adjust to blustery weather quickly and effortlessly. The Callaway Golf X2 Hot Umbrella, Nike Golf Single Canopy Umbrella, Nike Golf 68" Windsheer Umbrella, PowaKaddy Wind Safe Umbrella, Nike Golf Windproof VI Umbrella and Callaway Golf Tour Authentic Umbrella all have fibreglass shafts or are much safer against the risk of lightning strikes.

Rubber, graphite and EVA shafts are also available, so have a look and see which umbrella and shaft material takes your fancy.

Colour me visible – be seen on the golf course

Be safe, be visible. Golf umbrellas can and do serve an important function outside of keeping players and golf equipment dry. An umbrella will make a player more visible on the golf course, which is particularly useful in poor lighted conditions and overcast mornings.

Bright, vivid colours will protect you from stray golf balls and assure injuries are far less common.

The effectiveness of using umbrella holders

Umbrella holders are excellent accessories and will help players and their equipment remain dry throughout a round. Umbrella holders can be designed for particular golf trolleys or carts, or may be made for universal use, meaning they fit 99% of trolleys and carts. For example, the Universal Trolley Umbrella Holder and PowaKaddy Golf Universal Umbrella Holder can be attached to any trolley or cart and will work an absolute dream on the golf course.

Other notable golf umbrella trolley holders include: Motocaddy Umbrella Holder, Clicgear Umbrella Holder, PGA Tour Golf Umbrella Holder, Masters Golf iCart Umbrella Holder, Masters Golf Umbrella Holder, BIG MAX Quickfix Pro Umbrella Holder, PowerBug Umbrella Holder.

View the full range of golf umbrellas and umbrella holders now. Enjoy your golf this winter season with american golf.