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Heartache for Joe Miller in World Championships

The width of a cricket pitch stood between Joe Miller and his dream of reclaiming his REMAX World Long Driver title.

The 28-year-old Londoner, lost out in the final against a former standout pitcher for the University of Miami, Tim Burke, despite belting a 405-yard drive in the final.

In chilly desert conditions he was unable to beat Burke's 427-yard winning effort at Las Vegas Motor Speedway venue.

Burke, who was second in the 2012 final, bagged the $250,000 prize with his fourth effort and immediately dedicated the victory to his late father.

"I just looked up and thought to myself, and said to him, 'Wow, I can't believe I did it.' It was surreal," he said. "I waited a year for this. I took one week off last year, and I just decided I'm going to start from the foundation up. I got a little better golf swing and gained a lot of speed.

"I've never hit a ball better in my life," he continued. "I knew I was going to end it there. That was my goal with that Krank driver. (Miller's) 405 was not that big of a number, especially in these conditions. I knew he could clearly beat that."

Joe had hit further than the winning drive in previous competitions during the season and was red-hot favourite coming into the event. He managed to make it through the first round, where two-time champ Jamie Sadlowski crashed out and was the only Callaway ambassador to make it to the final. However, despite the beckoning distance lights of the Las Vegas strip offering a glimpse of fame and glory, he couldn't find that one magic swing over his six attempts.

“I gave it my all,” he told us. "It would've been a perfect end to what's been a perfect year. Obviously it’s extremely frustrating to come up short, but gave it my all. It was amazing to be part of such a great spectacle, especially in Las Vegas, but now I will re-group, share developmental ideas with Callaway and come back bigger, stronger and better next year. I appreciate all the support and hope to give them what they want next time"