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New FootJoy Golf Boots available now at american golf

A walk around the golf course in winter can be a sobering experience, especially if unprepared for the unforgiving coldness and whipping winds which stir around every dog-ear. Some golfers, however, prefer to play during the later months of the year, which is fine providing they’re suitably dressed for such an occasion. But wearing the wrong type of jacket or forgetting to pull on a pair of mittens could be the difference between a winning performance and cold, frozen joints defeat.

So you wrap up warm; simple as that. However, it's not just hands and face that should be protected from the elements – it’s also feet, which is why FootJoy has created these hard-looking Golf Boots ideal for wintery golf days.

Admittedly these boots aren’t the prettiest thing a golfer is likely to have in their wardrobe, the pitch black colour and clunky appearance hardly appetising to those fashion-conscious golfers. However, dismissing these boots purely on looks would be most unwise and potentially game-ruining.

The first thing that should be mentioned is the excellent waterproof protection. A quick round in heavy rainfall put these boots to the test – and they passed with flying colours. FootJoy claim these boots will stand up to the harshest of elements. On the evidence of a couple of games in torrential rain with not so much as a drop of water leaked into the sock afterwards prove this point to be true.

The FootJoy Boots’ full grain leather uppers help in a large way towards achieving waterproof comfort, breathability and durability – making them a sure-fire hit among winter golfers, while the Proof-Guard membrane provides total waterproof protection as well. Your feet are in safe hands.

Soft PU Quarter Linings have been added to provide the wearer excellent durability and additional touch and feel comfort. Coupled with VA (ethyl vinyl acetate) Fit-Beds, players will benefit from wonderful lightweight cushioning underfoot – and the cushioning will remain that way for the life of the shoe!

Cyclone cleats by Softspikes offer golfers green-friendly dynamic cleat traction. And FootJoy are so confident every player will love these winter boots that the company warrants they’ll remain waterproof through normal use for one year.

In closing, the FootJoy Golf Winter Boots are quality footwear that does what it says on the tin. They might not look attractive, but that’s easily made up for in quality and then some.

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