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Rewarding Risk: Hands-on with the Mizuno Golf JPX EZ Driver

Rolling out with the slogan ‘Your odds just improved’ shows an unabashed confidence from those at Mizuno Golf and their latest foray into the golf club market. It tells the player they will improve should they place the club in their golf bag – driving home the fact every swing offers opportunity for greater success. It’s a claim so bold in its delivery that for some the statement will be quickly quashed; others, meanwhile, may well find themselves drawn in by the blatant assured attitude which Mizuno are exuding here. At american golf we’ve had the opportunity to test drive the Mizuno Golf JPX EZ range – and feel the company’s confidence in this golf club is well placed.

Key features

The Mizuno JPZ EZ is the first adjustable golf driver created by the company since 2010, and this incarnation allows both loft and lie to be set to alter the golf ball flight. The golf club has eight settings ranging from Low at one end of the scale – and dropping the loft by 1.5 degrees while also encouraging a low fade – to High at the other end, which adds 1.5 degrees of loft to boost a high draw. Weight is low and deep in the head for a high launch without creating unnecessary spin.

The JPX EZ is no regular adjustable golf driver. Thanks to the invention of the Quick Switch mechanism which offers players 8 intuitive settings and a vast array of difference, there’s no longer a need for tour quality golf ball striking to see the variation in trajectory. The ideal launch pad for amateur golfers, Mizuno’s JPZ EZ driver can be switched to ‘neutral’ for easily playable rounds using the Quick Switch mechanism.

A Rebound Crown keeps golf ball speeds maximised out across the clubface for consistently long tee shots.

Make the Mizuno JPX EZ Driver your own by taking advantage of the eight adjustable hosel settings. Each setting enables numerous specifications that can help fine-tune golfers launch conditions and golf ball flight.

"Most adjustable drivers start with the tour player as their base point. The JPX EZ puts the amateur firmly in the middle of its Quick Switch settings. The EZ is a driver designed to launch the ball fast and high with very little spin. Take the adjustability away and you've got a colossal, high launching head with the ability to change the way you see the course." Chuck Couch - Director of Products at Mizuno Golf.

The Mizuno Golf JPX EZ club range is available for pre-order now at american golf:

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