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Stay hydrated like the pros and improve your game

Written by Nicholas Kevern

As the WGC Cadillac Championship heads to Mexico, there is one major difference you might notice. It will be hot. Really hot. Temperatures will hit 82 degrees during the practice rounds before the rain is scheduled to start. And, even with the rain, it will still be pretty warm.

Hydration Bottle

The professional players are more than used to this, as they travel the world playing in a variety of weather. One thing they really focus on, however, is staying hydrated throughout the week. And this is something we should all be doing as we play our rounds of golf, yet some weekend players continue playing without being properly hydrated. This is a major mistake when it comes to your game.

Whilst we can have all the right gear to play golf, it is often our own bodies that are underprepared. The professionals fully understand the need to be properly prepared in every way, and so should you.

The human body is made up of 65% water, and, without it, we can only survive a few days. Whilst not drinking properly during your round of golf won’t do any damage to your health, it could be impairing your game.

As you play a round, you are slowly becoming dehydrated. As this happens your blood becomes thicker, your heart rate increases, and your blood pressure can fall. This actually happens while you are playing. You might not feel it, but it’s true. All of which has an impact on your swing. You might be rushing your swing through no fault of your own. That could be the increased heart rate in action. The swing could become a bit lazier as your muscles are not working in the same way as they did at the start of your round. These are signs that you are getting dehydrated.

Your decision-making can also become affected, in large part because the brain is made up of around 85% of water. Not replacing this water into your system will result in a decline of concentration; exactly what you don’t need when making critical putts. Your ability to judge distances can also be affected, as could your golf club selection.

The pros are well aware of this. After all, why do you think their tour bags are so big? The truth is that their bags don’t only hold their golf clubs, but also all the essentials necessary to complete eighteen rounds. From fruit, energy bars, and water, the players make sure that they are prepared for everything.

It may sound like this article is simply stating the obvious; and in many ways it is. However, if more players were aware of the effects that it has on their game, then perhaps they would have a few more drinks of water during their round.

So, if you want to improve your game, then take a piece of advice from the pros that is completely free of charge. Stay hydrated and you will see a benefit to your scores.

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