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Tiger Speaks Out After Finchem Conversation

Tiger Woods yesterday spent an hour in open conversation with PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem ahead of the Tour Championship.

Tiger did not directly refer to this when speaking to the media afterwards, but did speak openly on his latest brush with the rules at the BMW, leaving no one in any doubt as to the subject of his chat with Finchem.

On his latest on-course penalty, and the call-in nature of rule-breach identification, Tiger said: "There are certainly a lot more viewer call-ins. I get it from the first time I step on the range on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, all the way through, and virtually every shot is on something, and some of the top players are getting it. Most players don't get it until they're in the leader groups on Saturday and Sunday."

Tiger's point is clear then. Certain players receive a disproportionate amount of coverage, and it results in heightened; perhaps to unfair scrutiny levels.

It's clear too, that the Tour must address the call-in nature of rule-breach identification so that camera-friendly players aren't being disproportionately refereed, and indeed so that errors from players receiving less coverage aren't slipping under the radar.

Finchem said: "You've got some 70 players playing on Sunday, 7, 8, or 10 of them can win the golf tournament, [and] 85, 90, 95 percent of the camera time is on those seven or eight players. Is that equitable to everything?"

It seems the PGA Tour have quite the puzzle to solve...