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2020 Golf Putters

Almost 50% of a golfers shots are with their putter, making it the most frequently used golf club in the bag. Knowing how to use a golf putter to its most effective will stand you in good stead ahead of your next round on the greens and also help lower scores.

This buying guide to 2020 golf putters has everything a player should know about getting the best possible return from their game when using the putter in their bag.

Top putters on the market include the TaylorMade Spider X Chalk Putter which uses the thicker Pure Roll™ insert combines to provide a better sound and feel. 45-degree grooves with a softer polymer improve topspin that is created to improve forward roll across a variety of surfaces. Helping your ball start and stay on its intended line more consistently.

The Titleist Scotty Cameron Phantom X 6 Putter offers a major advancement in putting performance, to give all golfers will have unbelievable confidence on the greens. This mallet style putter range is exceptionally easy to align with new racing-inspired neon yellow lines, and a 6061 aircraft aluminium face in anodized black to provide a super soft feel for instant feedback.

The Odyssey Stroke Lab Marxman Putter has created this new putter to improve impact and tempo during the putting stroke, this is made possible thanks to a new multi-material shaft.

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Putter Balance

There are several styles of putters and one of the ways they differ is the balance of the putter:

Face-balanced putters will point upwards if the shaft is balanced on one finger. This is because its centre of gravity is directly below the axis of the shaft, which allows the golf club head to remain in the square position throughout, whilst straightening the putting stroke during flows of motion. Face-balanced golf putters allow golfers higher performances with even higher MOI in every shot.

Mid-slant putters are a favourite for golfers as they balance at around 45 degrees and tend to have full-shaft offset, which also helps to encourage less rotation for slight arc stroke types. Introduced into the game by PING, mid-slant putters soared in popularity due to the acclaim they garnered. Still popular today, mid-slant putters are always a good option for the golf course, or any player trying to hone their putting skills.

Toe-down putters are popular with golfers who have an in-to-out-to-in or very strong arc stroke type. These putters have the ability to power through the swing without over indulging and missing the hole. Interestingly, if you were to lay a toe-down putter on horizontal, the toe would point to the ground. Hence the name!

Did You Know: Centre of Gravity (or COG for short) was, as a theory, first introduced by mathematician Archimedes over 200 years ago.

Putter shapes & how they work

2020 PING Putter

Blade Putters - The oldest golf putter style still in circulation, blade putters are highly effective on the green and used religiously by a wide range of golfers out on the course. Blade putters are, in fact, one of the best putters on the market, and come highly-recommended.

2020 Odyssey Putter

Half Mallet Putters - The Half Mallets are very similar to the Mallet style yet do not quite have as large a club head. Some players prefer a more compact head design with cleaner looks and fewer alignment aids. These putters are a good middle ground between the blade and mallet putter, allowing space for alignment aids without being to large. Whatever you choose, if you are confident with the club in your hands, you'll improve your putting.

2020 Titleist Putter

Mallet Putters - Mallets are usually chosen by a wide range of golfer and offer forgiveness and plenty of performance to let you sink thoses putts. They have a larger surface area on the crown with plenty of room for varying alignment aids to make lining up your next putt a breeze. The mallet putter is normally face-balanced and peripheral weighted to offer greater forgiveness on off centre hits with a deeper profile to aid alignment.

Face Types

Groove Faces are still quite recent, and offer the feel of metal. Groove faces get the golf ball rolling immediately upon impact, and the significant rise in golfers choosing these putter faces looks set to continue due their apparent success and lack of any real drawbacks. Grooves also manage to halt skidding, sliding and back spinning of the golf ball, even reducing the risk of ‘hopping’ before the golf ball gets off on a roll down the greens. A much-respected and pivotal addition to any golfers’ club bag.

Metal Faces deliver vital feedback through feel and sound, putters with a metal face design are the absolute best. They will immediately allow you hear any connection made with the golf ball upon impact, which benefits in helping know where the centre is located. Softer materials limit sound and gives less feedback.

Insert Technology has been part of the ever-evolving world of golf over the years. It’s not just the equipment that is evolving, either; technology has taken huge leaps, and Insert Technology is just one of them. From rubber to elastomers, right through to ceramic and composites and other metals, it’s this variety of material that really helps Insert Technology to chisel out the perfect performance and leave golfers feeling truly accomplished. Using lighter materials allows for more MOI to be produced, and this in turn helps to reduce hopping, skidding and other frustrating problems that occur upon impact.

Custom Fitting

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