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New Golf Shoe Bags for sale: Buyers Guide 2018

Shoe bags are great storage solutions for all types of footwear, and help players to keep their homes and cars clean from accumulated dirt from the greens.

Golfers seeking advice on shoe bags, and for those who are interested in getting the very best products for their footwear, will find this guide helpful make every decision an easy one to make.

Keeping everything tidy

After a round, golf shoes will often be matted with dirt and grime, which is unavoidable. This is why so many players now bring shoe bags to the greens with them for storage following their game. This helps dirt and mud from getting into the car or house.

Golf Shoe Bags

Finding the correct golf shoe bags

Shoe bags are small, lightweight, and usually have large zippered compartments to safely store golf shoes, thus eliminating falling out while journeying home. Keeping the shoes safe, and also protected from taking unnecessary damage, is a shoe bags main purpose.

Most shoe bags can store any shoe size inside their full-length zippered compartment, and once inside the shoes can be nestle safely. In some designs, there are two separated compartments for the accommodation of one shoe each. This is good, as the less knocking together golf shoes do, the better condition they will remain, and the longer they will last.

Certain types of shoe bag will offer mesh vented lining. This works to kill any odours that are trapped inside the shoes when placed into the bag, and does not linger, being pushed out through the mesh lining and into the air. So, when the shoe bag is opened, golf shoes and bag will smell fresh and odourless. Other designs which should be considered would be bags which offer comfortable grab handles, tough zippered compartments and a durable design that withstands the basic elements.

A selection of the very best golf shoe bags include the adidas Golf Shoe Bag, Callaway Golf Drawstring Shoe Bag, FootJoy Nylon Shoe Bag, Srixon Shoe Bag, Callaway Golf Clubhouse Collection Shoe Bag, FootJoy Canvas Shoe Bag, Nike Golf Departure III Shoe Tote, PGA Tour Accessories & Shoe Bag, ECCO Ladies Shoe Bag and Fazer Golf Shoe Bag.

Additional golf shoe bag features & benefits

Occasionally a golf shoe bag will come with additional accessories, such as a shoe brush or polish. There may also be an extra compartment for golf brushes, golf tees and pens, but this of course varies depending on the brand and design.

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