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New Golf Waterproofs for sale: Buyers Guide 2018

Waterproof clothing is essential for golfers, especially when the weather is cold and wet. Wearing waterproof attire will bring with it some huge rewards as it gives players more time on the greens and less wishing for warmer days.

Waterproof Clothing

Waterproof golf clothing is second to none when it comes to playing in light, medium of heavy rain. Water-repellent attire has been constructed to provide complete dryness and comfort for the wearer. Waterproof clothing comes is available in jackets, trousers or a combination of the two. Looking for waterproof clothing that’s 100% guaranteed to keep a player dry should certainly be considered. It is also a good idea to check to see if the manufacturer (brand) offer a waterproof guarantee with their clothing, and if so, then it’s worth that extra investment.

Gore-Tex is the most common material used in waterproof golf clothing, and one of the best fabrics on the market. It has a porous membrane--either between fabric layers or laminated for a layer--and the membrane openings are small enough to exclude water, but while remaining large enough to allow vapour and air to circulate freely. This is advantageous, especially in heavy rainfall.

A selection of premium and new waterproof attires include the Under Armour Storm 3 Waterproof Jacket, Callaway Golf Liberty 2.0 Ladies Waterproof Jacket, Palm Grove Waterproof Suit, Galvin Green Arrow Jacket, Galvin Green Art Waterproof Jacket, Benross Hydro Flex Waterproof Jacket, PING Osbourne Waterproof Trousers, Stromberg Winter Tech Trousers, Calvin Klein Ladies Waterproof Trousers and FootJoy Hydrolite Rain Trousers, to name just a selection that’s available to you today.

Golf Waterproofs

Rainproof/Showerproof Clothing

Rainproof and/or showerproof clothing is fine for winter sports and will keep players nice and warm on the greens. However, showerproof and rainproof attire is not waterproof. This means that, if caught in a sudden downpour on the back nine, you won’t be protected from the. Rainproof is good quality attire, but not for players looking at full-on waterproofs.


Golf jackets are the most used waterproof attire. Essential for players seeking upper-body dryness, while maintaining flexibility to swing a golf club, jackets are comfortable, eye-catching and easy to manoeuvre. Golf jackets are designed to perform in wet weather by being lightweight in construction and offering no movement restrictions. Other features include pockets, hoods, interior linings, adjustability, and cuffs, all of which should be considered when preparing to purchase a jacket.

Golf Waterproofs

Short-Sleeve Jackets

Short-sleeve golf jackets perform well in adverse weather and offer breathable, unrestrictive comfort. They are popular among golfers; especially those playing in warm climates. Short-sleeve jackets are cut off at the elbow as to help players swing unrestricted. Short-sleeve jackets may only be available as rainproof and not offer waterproof protection due to their unique design, so checking this is always beneficial.

The PING Zero Gravity Waterproof Vest, Callaway Golf Green Grass 2.0 Waterproof Jacket and PING Zero Gravity Waterproof Windshirt are good short-sleeve waterproof options.

Waterproof Trousers

Waterproof golf trousers are just as essential as a jacket, assuring the lower half of the body is kept warm and dry. Trousers which are not waterproofed may find dampness when cold, and this can adversely affect your game. Most waterproof trousers will have elastic waistlines so they can be worn easily over regular golf trousers.

The Calvin Klein Waterproof Trousers, Callaway Golf Liberty 2.0 Ladies Trouser, adidas Golf Climastorm Waterproof Trousers, Stuburt Vapour Waterproof Trousers, PING Tour Eye Waterproof Trousers, PING Frontier Waterproof Trousers and PING Typhoon II Waterproof Trousers are great waterproof trouser options.

Protecting Waterproofs

After a game, you should remove waterproofs from the bag and wash them thoroughly. This is to assure they dry faster, while also reducing the risk of lingering smells. Washing all waterproof gear is good not only for keeping them clean, but also for taking pride in your attire. Tumble drying some waterproofs can be of benefit, too, as the heat makes the waterproof material tighter and more resistant to water.

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