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2020 Golf Shoes

Golf shoes come in many varieties and sizes, from traditional right through to boots. But one thing all golf shoes have in common is their latest cutting-edge technologies designed to help every golfer play to their best abilities by being comfortable and workable.

This buying guide to 2020 golf shoes has everything a player should know about getting the best possible return from their game when choosing a pair of shoes.

Some of the best golf shoes on the market include the adidas Golf Adicross Bounce 2 Shoes which are a sporty golf shoe that offer premium styling and a springy feel to give you increased confidence to perform as you play golf. The shoes have a combination of leather, microfiber and textile upper, with reinforced FORGEFRAME sidewalls to give you added stability as you swing.

The Under Armour HOVR Drive Shoes sport HOVR™ foam and patented Rotational Resistance Traction combine to give you full-round comfort, advanced traction control, and powerful energy return. HOVR™ foam reduces impact for a zero gravity feel. A HOVR™ Midsole keeps the foot grounded longer, and work with the outsole to allow the golfers to harness their vertical force more effectively, from heel to forefoot is soft, lightweight, and responsive.

The PUMA Golf Original G Spikeless Shoe is a classic shoe that has been designed with a hidden traction outsole so you can perform playing golf as well as wearing in the high street. With an original design that features a full-grain Atlantis leather upper material that feels soft and provides premium waterproof protection. The shoe provides heritage with a blend of high street fashion with an ultra-soft Pro-Fit insole for long-lasting supportive comfort.

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2020 Stuburt Golf Shoes

Traditional Golf Shoes - Traditional golf shoes are deemed the ‘classic’ footwear for most golfers. These shoes are comfortable, offer good traction on turf and are almost always waterproof or water-resistant, breathable and perfect for all year around golf. They can be either spiked or spikeless, but the majority come fitted with soft spikes giving that extra bit of traction when required.

The Stuburt PCT-Sport Shoes are classed as a Traditional pair of golf shoes.

2020 ECCO Street Shoes

Street Golf Shoes - The street shoe has made a name for itself by looking, feeling and acting like a regular trainer or stylish shoe which is golf course ready. Sometimes with spikes, but more often spikeless, street shoes offer almost everything that a traditional golf shoe does.

Street shoes are predominantly very lightweight, with flat, dimpled soles in place of standard spikes. Street shoes are also believed to help tackle pain in the back and foot, with top manufacturers such as ECCO going above and beyond to deliver quality comfort. These shoes will perform better in the drier months and are perfect for the golf course, driving range or even a spot of shopping!

The ECCO Golf Street Retro Shoes are a prime example of a Street shoe.

2020 adidas Golf Boots

Golf Boots - Boots have been steadily gaining popularity, especially during the colder and wetter months of the year out on the golf course. Those who wear golf boots profess they feel and perform just like traditional golf shoes, despite them looking closer to hiking boots due to them extending further up the leg. Golf boots offer a superb level of waterproofing and deliver excellent turf traction even in the tougher conditions. Boots warm the feet and toes during adverse weather conditions thanks to being covered almost entirely in a layer of waterproof material.

A perfect example of golf boots are the adidas Golf CP Traxion Mid Boots.

Leather Golf Shoes

Processed and then added to the golf shoes exterior, leather creates a stretch-free and tight-fitting waterproof experience ideal for any weather condition, especially summer, as the leather is more breathable than other materials. Leather golf shoes usually have a saddle design feature that stabilises the surface of the shoe to keep golfers balanced and comfortable. Most leather golf shoes come with a manufacturer guarantee of between one to two years.

Waterproof lining

Most golf shoes offer waterproof protection nowadays due to the unpredictable weather. One of the top materials in waterproof golf shoes is GoreTex, although there are plenty of variations available from other top brands which work just as proficiently. The clear designs of waterproof linings makes water penetration impossible, and this obviously makes it the ideal choice for winter play, whilst the material within is breathable and warmer when compared to leather, which means it may not be ideal for hot summers or playing abroad.

2020 adidas Spiked Golf Shoes

Plastic Spikes - The original SoftSpikes were brought to the golfing world in 1993 and have steadily taken over as the go to choice of amateurs and professional alike. In fact, the majority of golf course have totally banned the use of metal spikes. Although not metal, the modern plastic spikes are extremely durable, provide vast amounts of traction and, importantly, protect the greens you play on.

2020 PUMA Spikelesss shoes

Spikeless - Spikeless designs are more prevalent in the "Street" style golf shoes. They do offer very good levels of grip and traction, but mainly in the drier conditions. Different brands such as adidas, FootJoy and Under Armour all uses a spikeless design in at least one of their models. Although classed as spikeless, the designs tend to use "lugs" to provide the much needed grip you'll need while walking round the golf course or swinging you club.