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2015 Druh Players Collection Belts

The large buckles, thick straps and comfortable way they sit on the hips only accentuates the underlying brilliance that is a Druh golf belt. Worn and endorsed by some of the greatest players in the world, including Englishman Lee Westwood, Druh golf belts work with the player to enhance their look on the greens. Want to look like a pro? Get Druh. Want to feel like a true great? Get Druh. The comfort is undeniable, and so too is the sleekness of each individual design.

The new Druh golf belt range, neatly titled ‘The Druh Players Collection’, will please long-time fans of the brand as well as entice new players to give them a go. The comfort alone is almost worth the price tag, and when married up with any clothing line, these belts can transform boring and tired attire into something new and fresh. If you don’t believe that, why not give a Druh belt a try…

Each Druh belt available at american golf is ‘one size fits all’ so everyone should be happy with how the strap feels round their waist, and each variation of the belt comes with the classic DB big buckle. Also, every belt is made from the highest quality of leather for long-lasting comfort and performance both on and off the golf course.

The new Druh Players Collection belts are available in Red, Grey, Blue, Pink, Brown and Purple.

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