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Big Bertha is Back!

Big Bertha is back!

With a host of key features including revamped adjustable perimeter weighting - an innovative sliding weight that can be moved around the driver's perimeter to help produce longer, straighter drives, Callaway’s latest creation looks set to win plenty of hearts.

The 8g sliding weight can be moved to any location on an approximately five-inch track to help optimise shot shape and control dispersion, making for better shots every time. This helps give the new-look Big Bertha a high Moment of Inertia (MOI), which helps retain ball speed and accuracy on hits across the entire surface of the face.

Callaway say that the Adjustable Perimeter Weighting is an essential component of a 'total performance driver' - a model that provides a balance of speed and control designed for the broadest segment of the player population.

Other features of Callaway's new Big Bertha include hyper speed face technology and an advanced adjustable hosel. The hyper speed face is extremely lightweight and robust to help deliver increased ball speeds across the entire face. It uses an optimisation code to determine the thickness profile of the face.

Golfers have their choice of four lofts 1 to +2) and two different lies (D for 'draw' and N for 'neutral'), which combine to give players eight unique driver combinations.

The crown of the Big Bertha is constructed from a high-strength, lightweight composite material, which keeps the driver head under 200g, making it lighter and yet maintaining its power.

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